If I Wasn't A Virgin...

I would’ve posted a reply or two in the BBQ Pit threads discussing PETA. I couldn’t have added much though. There are way too many intelligent posters who said everything long before the threads first caught my eye this morning. Damn my Pit virginity status. Then again if I checked the Pit on a regular basis I’d never get any work done.

Fuck off, funneefarmer! You’re and asswipe!


I busted your cherry.

Feel free to post in the pit. Have fun!

Well, sheesh if that’s all it takes to bust my cherry then it happens on an almost daily basis.
By the way, I resent you comparing me to toilet paper. I’d prefer to be thought of as a bidet.

Well, inhaled a mouthful of iced tea on that one. It’s very hard to laugh and strangle at the same time, but I managed.

funneefarmer, you’ll do just fine in the Pit! Actually, your quality input is much needed, so hie yourself over there pronto.

It’s somewhat like mucking out stalls, but someone’s gotta do it and looks like you’re dra…elected.