Am I surrounded by butt ugly pussies?

Ok, I have an hypothesis which I offer you to examine and comment on.

Presuming that hypothetical Monkey is an Adonis. That lets Monkey bone more super models before breakfast than 49/50 people will see in a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

Presume that Monkey is uber asskicking awesome. This would make me more badass and cool than about the same proportion of the population (As an expert said in the book ‘Bruce Lee - A biography’, by far the most interesting event to occur on the set of Enter the Dragon was monkey bitch-slapping Chuck Norris for sexually harrassing the craft table girl).

My presumptions holding, (and please do not disrail the argument by rejecting my presumptions - they are absolute fact.), the vast majority of people are uglier and less badass.

Since everything, including the concept of sexiness, awesomness, kickassitude (yes, that’s a word. I coined it, bitches) etc, is all relative, to Monkey’s point of view, Monkey is surrounded by butt ugly pussies that should bow to my awe inspiring manliness.

While very very rare people might be sexier (James Bond) or more kickass (Batman), they are so rare, and unlikely to ever cause problems for Monkey, they are a non-factor.

So, is Monkey surrounded by butt ugly pussies?

Jesus Christ, Bitch. Get over yourself.

Am I surrounded by people speaking in the third person? Jesus Christ, Bitch, get over yourself.

It’s a parody thread. Click on the link, dumbass.

If a person doesn’t want to be surrounded by inferiors, then they have no business posting on this board.

Well, I’ve worked in gynecology, and I can tell you, attractive vaginas are few and far between, buddy. We are all surrounded by butt ugly pussies, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

You need a hobby, or just go outside.

If you can’t lick 'em, join 'em. But wait--------------------------I didn’t really say that; I was possessed. Or something.

But… they’re vaginas.
Talking about unattractive vaginas is a bit like talking about uncute kittens; every once in a while you get a truly ugly kitten, but they’re the exception that proves the rule.

My views on vaginas are like my views on children- my own is okay, great, even; but I don’t really want anything to do with anyone else’s. But you go, have fun!

If vaginas are being compared to kittens, then I say we apply the same rule to people talking about their vaginas that we do to people talking about their kittens. You have to post pictures.

Outside of target acquisition, I see no purpose to visual inspection.

Clap clap clap

The reason I started this thing was to slap a poster upside the head in the hope (though it might be a mis-guided hope) that a touch of humility is a good thing. The truly intelligent realize that they are only talented in a specific way*, and that the truly conscientious and ethical don’t put themselves above their fellow human beings.

*Who’s smarter? The brain surgeon who disrespects the mechanic fixing his Lexus, or the mechanic that convinces the surgeon to pay for blinker fluid?

Don’t pit the hypothetical.

She lost the “hypothetical” defense when she started to post in the first person.

So, the male equivalent of a monkubine? A gibbongolo?

I have never seen an ugly vagina. Not at the time.

What kind of classist bullshit is this? The surgeon gets the “who” indicating he’s a human, and the mechanic gets the “that” of an object? :mad:

Yes, laborers are objects, like simple tools or beasts of burden. Everybody knows that.
Grrr, angry classism!

Can we talk more about vaginas now?

Ask her to roll over.