Am I wierd?

I have this fantasy about laying in a beautiful lass’s lap sucking milk gently from her breast while she strokes my hair with her fingers. Am I a Freudian nightmare or just curiuos? Those with personal experiance most appreciated.

This gives a whole new meaning to those “Got Milk?” commercials.

What’s she wearing ?

Ummm, just out of curiosity ya’ know.

Were you wearing a diaper at the time?

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Re: OP

Yes. Very.

Work a little bit harder on improving your
low self esteem, you stupid freak!
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That’s not wierd… It’s WEIRD! :smiley:

Yer pal,

Can you say “Oedipus” ?

(sp? of course…)


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Hmmm, someone who posts a question, but doesn’t come to back to answer. Now that is weird.

PS: Do you get any funny feelings anywhere on your body when thinking that? There are professional people who do those fantasies for real.

I happen to know a woman who would love you to do that to her. She has this fetish of someone suckling her breasts, especially drawing milk. She’s very sensitive in that area.

So never fear, though this particular woman is neither young nor especially attractive in any kind of fantasy way, she nevertheless exists, and one can assume there are more like her out there.

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Ewwwww…I’d be surprised if you could find a gal to accommodate you, dear. My milk factory is off limits to males except my baby son. It just feels strange to have my husband touch them sexually while they’re lactating.

Any other women ever feel this way? Or am I weird? It’s not that I’ve gone frigid any other way, just that the boobs don’t feel sexy.


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I think I’ll just sit under my desk for a couple of days. Where that friggin’ Prozac?!?!

Well, the hair stroking part can’t be argued with. And I have always wondered what breast milk tastes like…

Wait a minute, did I say that out loud?

“That’s entertainment!” —Vlad the Impaler


Very sweet, actually.


This space intentionally left blank.

If my girlfriend and I were to have a baby, I would definately wanna taste it once, but all in the interest of science, so to speak. No arrousement there.


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

I know a woman who got turned on thinking about a baby suckling her. Actually, I have read about mothers who get turned on doing it too. odd.