Amazing Race 7/24/03

So Chip and Reichen pull victory from the jaws of defeat! (Oops, no. . . that was Kelly and Jon. Chip and Reichen were just stupid again, but quick.) Millie and Chuck must have REALLY been lost to have wasted enough time to be neck and neck with Kelly and Jon for last place!!!
That ladder climb really looked scarey. . . while the palm nut whacking looked a heck of a lot easier than the palm nut loading!
For a while, I was thinking this would be another non-elimination leg because I never heard anyone read “the last team to arrive will be eliminated”. . . and I probably would have thrown something through the tv screen if it was.

Part of the application process to be a contestant must be a map reading test. Then they pick whoever screws it up the most. How the hell can that many seemingly whole-brained people not know how to read a map?(and considering how bad they are a reading it I bet they are even worse at folding a map. :slight_smile: )

Oh man, I thought I was gonna start cheering!! Not that I particularly like Kelly and John, but at least they’re entertaining. And if Millie can’t read a map, why didn’t she drive? I know it’s gotta be hard to drive a left-handed stick, but I think that might have gotten them around faster than her lack of map reading skill!!

Wow…just, wow. Jon and Kelly had been my least favourite for ages, but Millie and Chuck have really been annoying me the last few shows, so I’m happy to see them gone. Plus if you manage to get that lost, you can’t really expect to be able to stay in the race. Avarie, I was thinking the same thing about Millie not driving.

The fast forward was so cool. I want to go there and feed the orangutans. I totally agree with Reichen (I think, not entirely sure who said it) wanting to just spend a week hanging out there.

Weren’t the Gay Guys basically tied for first with the clowns? Could someone explain to me why they decided to take the Fast Forward?

Hmm, yes, that was a very good episode! The tension…the excitement…it was great.

So glad Millie and Chuck are gone. They were getting extremely annoying. I always liked K&J better. Why did so many groups go for chucking over plucking? Plucking looked sooo much easier.

In defense of the map reading skills, I’m surprised teams don’t get lost more often. I mean, reading a map in and of itself is pretty easy. But if you have no idea how you’re oriented (as in N S E W) it could be rather difficult to get one’s bearings straight.

Next week’s episode has me worried. They mentioned a team getting lost and showed a shot of the Clowns!!

They got lost on the way to the Detour and realised that they were going the right direction to get to the Fast Forward, so they went for it rather than backtracking.

That’s it? They threw away their Fast Forward through sheer random stupidity.

My picks for the final finish:

The Clowns
The Gay Guys
The Not-Gay Guys

with Jon and Kelly finally, blessedly, gone at the next elimination, which I’m guessing will be week after next.

Damn. My money is, literally, on the Not-Gay Guys, but I’m guessing that as we get closer to the end, their habit of not looking at what’s right in front of them is going to get them into trouble. It was nice of the clowns to point out the clue last night, but, sheesh, they shouldn’t have had to ask.

What did you expect? These are the guys who wasted time going down a path before getting to the indicated parking lot, didn’t remove the tag on their horse-drawn carriage, and bought business class airline tickets even though it’s against the rules. Fortunately they’ve been doing better in recent legs of the race, but their tendancy to screw-up may cost them yet. And from what I can tell, Chip seems mostly to blame.

I love, love, love the clowns. How classy is it to keep pointing out the clue-wagon to the Goats? I thought they were going to have to get the clue themselves and hand it to them. “Here!! It’s RIGHT HERE!!!”

Jon & Kelly have been my least favorite team, and I kind of liked Chuck & Millie until the last three weeks or so as their relationship disintegrated right before our eyes. They became increasingly annoying. And last night, they deserved to lose. First of all, if you get lost, don’t keep driving. You get more lost! And Millie, what the heck is your problem reading a map??

Question – if the two cars got to the pitstop at (pretty much) the same time, and they kept talking about how it would be a sprint to the mat, how did C&M end up so far behind? I expected all four of them to be sprinting up the path; instead it looked like they had given up and were just jogging. Do you think they staged it after the ending had been decided?

Well, Skammer, editing is a wonderful thing. M&C may have been close to K&J at first, but who knows what happened while they were driving? More cows in the road, or something like that. I dunno.

Plus using the fast forward now makes things easier. I think there are only one or two chance to use it left, and at least two other teams that haven’t used it. Since you generally get screwed if you’re the second team that goes for it, why not eliminate that risk and take it now?

That was a good episode, mainly because it featured an actual tight race at the end as opposed to a pseudo-race that never actually occured. Millie and Chuck needed to go. It’s not that I disliked them, but they were rapidly dropping into fatigue mode. I can’t imagine how poorly they would have performed had they made it another leg. Add in the likely non-elimination of next week and they would have essentially been stacks of Jello by that time.

Jon and Kelly are going to have it tough if tasks continue to focus on strength and speed since Kelly is now the physically weakest and slowest out there. If Jon were to be injured or need to take a break they are screwed.

I still like the non-gay guys. I hope they win, although I expect they will screw up and run past the final welcome mat in their mad rush to the finish.

Monkeys are cute, but we need more bats, rats, tigers, or snakes. I hold out hope for the squid next week.

I missed this episode. Can someone give me a breakdown? (I gather Millie and Chuck are gone now, but I want juicy details!)

As much as Millie annoyed me, it was kind of tough to see her completely fall to bits in the backseat, trying to stay awake and read the map. I know I’d crumble under the pressure of competition, physical exertion, and lack of sleep.
If Jon and Kelly end up bumbling their way to victory, I will be extremely pissed off. The clowns deserve to win.

What was the note taped to the steering wheel in Chuck’s car? It may have been in all the cars, but I only saw it in Chuck’s. Those two should have tried to get more rest; they screwed up and got lost because they were so tired.

I guess I’m glad to see Millie and Chuck go, but I hate to see Kelly and Jon gloat about beating them. Kelly is such a bitch. She even called Jon an idiot for whacking down a palm nut with an empty clue envelope. They knew some would be empty; it was a chance you had to take. She makes me sick.

I’m glad Millie and Chuck are out. She was really beginning to get on my nerves. Help me here: did she ever do a challenge or detour? I can’t think of one where she wasn’t standing on the sides belittling Chuck. And if you can’t read a map, you shouldn’t have gone on the world’s biggest scavenger hunt!

I’m afraid they might last longer than that. They still haven’t taken their Fast Forward, remember? They’ll probably make it into the final three.

I’ll do my best.

1st checkpoint: some place with a long rope bridge. Everyone gets there pretty much at the same time, except for Jon and Kelly. They get the clue, which tells them get to the next checkpoint. As everyone is leaving, J&K show up. However, they can’t find the entry point to get the clue, and waste alot of time running up and down hills, and arguing with each other. When they finally get the clue, they decide to go after the fast forward, since they know they’re way behind.

On the way to the 2nd checkpoint, Chip and Reichen get lost. They figure they’re close to the FF, so rather than go back, they’ll use the FF now. The FF is really cool, they get to hike into the jungle with some fruit, and feed it to some orangutangs (Ook!) to get the FF.

2nd Checkpoint (Detour): The clowns show up 1st, and have to decide whether to load 25 palm nuts into a dumptruck via a wheelbarrow, which will then pull away, revealing the next clue under its tire, or cut them down from the tree until they find one with the clue. They opt for the wheelbarrow/truck option, and find that the palm nuts are heavy, sharp, prickly and sticky. The truck is also 90% loaded already, so getting the nuts to stay in is a challenge.

While the clowns are finishing up, the non-gay guys (whose names escape me), show up, but have to ask the clowns about 4 times where the clue is. As they start, the clowns continue to the next checkpoint.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or the FF), R&C are on their way, and J&K show up, and realize the FF is gone. They spend some more time arguing and griping about other teams, and head back to the Detour.

Millie and Chuck show up after the NGGs, and decide to do the wheelbarrow task. They also argue alot.

3rd checkpoint (Roadblock): There is a clue hidden in baskets hanging off of some ladders. The natives use the ladders to get birds nests for soup, and they’re basically a vertical ladder with a horizontal ladder at the top, with the basket hanging down from about 2/3 along the horizontal part.

The clowns show up 1st, and complete the task with no problem (although they complained about bird crap being all over everything, and making the ladder slippery). The NGGs show up as they leave. They also finish without too much difficulty.

M&C get lost, mostly because they’re exhausted, and Millie can’t read a map. They go about an hour out of their way, which allows J&K time to catch up. They arrive at the Roadblock at the exact same time. Chuck gets up the ladder first, but Jon passes him on the way down. It’s now a race to see who gets to the checkpoint 1st.

R&C have arrived first, thanks to the FF. The Clowns show up second, and the NGGs are in third.

J&K manage to gain some ground by passing a couple of trucks, and Chuck has problems downshifting, so he gets a little behind. However, J&K miss the turn-off for the checkpoint, and they end up driving into the nature reserve with M&C right behind them (or so it seems anyway). J&K end up finishing a little ahead of M&C, so M&C are eliminated. Millie cries. The End.

Now, some commentary. I was hoping J&K would get booted, but M&C were getting on my nerves, and seemed to be unravelling fast. I think the clowns are the team to beat, they seem to be able to avoid the stupid mistakes the other teams are making. Both R&C and the NGGs are prone to act first, think later, and J&K waste alot of time and energy fighting. They seem to get lost alot too.