Amercian Idol 3/27-3/28

Gwen Stefani coaches the kids singing songs from the 90s.

And she sings tomorrow, my name day! Coincidence?? :smiley:

gigi, aka Gwen(dolen)

Oh dear. I can’t say I’m looking forward to this week. However, if I let myself off the hook and just go to bed early, I might find that I can live without seeing the rest of the season, and then what? Huh? HUH?

Argh, I have to work tomorrow (start time 4AM). I’ve been getting Wednesdays and Thursdays off for the past couple of months. Unfortunately I have to fill in for somebody :frowning:

I might sneak a peek before I go to bed, though. Gwennie should be interesting.

I can’t speak for the other “old fogeys” like myself who haunt these threads, but I for one am terrified of what is going to happen tonight … mostly because I will probably know at least 50% of these songs, and I probably liked 25% of the original artists, and I will probably hate at least 75% of these versions. But I will watch anyway, because we old people need something to bitch about.


Argh! Why did I have to volunteer to do a dinner party tonight? I (heart) Gwen…Oh well, there’s always YouTube.

I’ll have to record tonight’s performance and watch later tonight or maybe even tomorrow. We might be putting an offer in on an acreage and our real estate agent (AKA “Dad”) is coming over to work on stuff with us. :eek: I’m terrified.

Oh, god, I’m not going to know any of these songs. They’re all Stefani numbers?

I’m with you, Lib…the only thing I know about Gwen Stefani is that she looks a little bit like Madonna.

No, they won’t be hers, they’ll be '90s pop songs. Stefani’s solo stuff is pretty recent anyway. Back in the '90s she was still with No Doubt. I’m sure I’ll know most, if not all of the songs tonight. I graduated in '96.

Sound worth watching–even though I would watch anyway!

Songs from the 90s!? That’s great! :slight_smile:

I hope they’ll do “Bicycle Built For Two” and maybe “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad”! They probably can’t afford the royalties for “Kathleen”.

What?? Don’t abandon us now!

Heh. That would be hilarious. I wonder what Sligh would do to rearrange I Guess I’ll Have to Telegraph My Baby?

“Dawg, these are classic songs. You should have just gone with the melody.”
“I’m not familiar with the song, but you touched my heart.”
“That crackling sound you hear is Edward M. Favor spinning in his grave.”

Please humor me and pretend you mean that you graduated from college in '96, and not high school, so I can feel like we’re the same age for a moment. OK? Thanks.

I dunno if I count as an old fogey or not, but I kinda stopped paying attention to current music in the late '80s, except for stuff that people recommended to me. So my knowledge of '90s music is very spotty, and stuff that was probably all over the radio I’ve probably never heard before.

The stuff from the 90’s that I like (mostly hard rock and grunge) is all stuff they probably wouldn’t do. The stuff they will do is likely to be all the radio pablum that I’ve tried to block from my memory. I know Stefani only as that chick who looks like Madonna.

Gahh, it’s even worse than we thought. The music of Gwen Stefani and the crap that “inspired” her?

It’s going to be a long night.

Last Dance is a '90s song? What’s up with that Lakisha?

Lakisha: Competent performance. Boring song.

I guess that explains Donna Summer. I didn’t really like that. Sorry, Lakisha.

LaKisha’s voice is fantastic but I was underwhelmed. She was just sort of mailing it in.