American Idol Mar 20/21

I know it’s early but I had to share how this show has spilled over into the rest of life. I was kneeling in Mass today when the priest sang the doxology thingie (“Through Him, with Him, in Him…”) and my mind wandered as it is wont to do, and I imagined the judges rating his performance:

Randy: “Dawg, your tone was pleasant and you carried the tune. You didn’t blow me away, but you did your thang. Good lookin’ out.”
Paula: “Your inner goodness shines through; when you smile you are love.”
Simon (clad in a deep v-neck, rubbing his nipples): “That was…not the worst we’ve seen all day. And not to be rude, but are you serious with that pink get-up? That being said, you have a nice tone to your voice. You just need to be more comfortable and get rid of the gimmick. I’m willing to give you another chance.”
Anyhoo, let this be Free Sanjaya Week!

Sorry if this has been said already in previous weeks’ threads, but I’m finding this season’s contestants boring for the most part. Sure, we’ve got Melinda, Blake and others, but most of the others just bore me, even the ones with some talent.

Last season truly was the best for me. I loved Paris, Elliott, Katharine and Chris, and what a varied top 12 it was, too! The rest were at least somewhat entertaining personalities even if you knew they would be booted early.

I agree…it’s like a waiting game for the crappy guys, and Haley, to go home and get to Melinda vs. LaKisha. Gina’s fun though, and with the crappy guys she’ll be around for a while.

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Did anyone catch Simon Cowell’s interview on 60 Minutes last night? It was pretty good. I like Simon. And they talked about all the trash talking with each other, and how it’s just ribbing between good friends.

Free Sanjaya!

(And I liked the pink get-up; I think it really “shows the audience who you are”.)

I didnt see Simons interview, but Id just like to agree with everyone else about how boring the contestants are this year. Honestly I quit watching after Antonella got booted. She was the only thing keeping me tuned in :wink:

I thought Simon’s interview was great. He seems like an exceeding smart and nice guy who knows how to make money. I thought it was a very flattering interview (and damn, but he looked good, too!).

I’m sorry I missed the interview! I still smile about the one clip they showed during auditions where the older woman begs Simon to give her granddaughter another chance, how he made a mistake. Simon says “But why are you smiling?” “Well, because I really like you!” :slight_smile:

I agree, he does look good, especially when he is genuinely smiling or when he gets the devilish look in his eye (like when the contestants use Paula and Randy’s DVD to train :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I’ve always liked Simon. I can’t help it…it’s the accent.

It’s always the accent. I’m a complete pushover for it.

His teeth are so white, they’ll blind you! He is very hot, though.

Bump for this week. The survey question on asks about “British Pop Invasion Night” so I gather that will be this week??

Oooh! Now I am so looking forward to tonight. I hope they do far more tunes from the ‘80s and beyond than from the ‘60s, though. Perhaps the producers have learned from last week’s show and will not encourage the overwhelming use of songs older than most contestants’ (not to mention audience members’) memories. No disrespect to Diana Ross intended, but are hits from over three decades ago the best choices for a contemporary pop star search?

Yay! The old fart demographic!

I lose my Comcast connection tomorrow, so this is the last American Idol for me. Bring on Herman.

Maybe I can watch the individual performances on YouTube, or something. :frowning:

I only caught the bit about how a couple offered him $100K to watch them make love and then rate their performance. :smiley:

You won’t be able to see it on broadcast TV? That stinks.

Oh fer cryin’ out loud, I just checked my cable listings and it’s “hits from the '60s”. Somebody buy these producers a clue. Today’s kids don’t want to hear oldies! Heck, I’m way past kid age and I don’t want to hear oldies! Especially two weeks in a row…Though of course, I’ll watch it anyway. I’m such a sucker for drama. But I won’t buy anything from the sponsors…yeah, that’s the ticket. :smiley:

[whiny hijack] Yeah, rockle, it blows. I got the few crappy basic channels with my Comcast internet connection and only ever watched one of them. When the intro rate reset, I couldn’t justify paying a gazillion dollars to Comcast when DSL is almost half the price. Was fun while it lasted. [/cheapskate recriminations]

Gah! Why did Seacrest raid my father’s 1980s closet for clothes tonight?