American Dad 9/11/05

Patrick Stewart likes 'em young? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

“Do you have any Gatorade? I seem to have left all my electrolytes with your daughter.”

Oh yeah, great Real Genius references.

‘I like little girls, they make me feel so good. I like little girls, they make me feel so bad.’


Need to listen to that album now…

Real Genius references?

I like how they seem almost to have given up on trying to make Brian and Stewie’s…I mean Roger and Klaus’s presence in the series have any true purpose whatsoever. The DVD commentary gag was pretty hilarious and the horror-movie reverse zoom thingie when Argentina *69ed them made the entire gag.

Bullocks had Stan doing menial chores like Prof. Hathaway had Kent doing in the movie.

Also, Bullocks sleeps with Stan’s daughter. In the movie, Hathaway sleeps with another professor’s daughter (Deborah Foreman).

Oh. I didn’t (obviously) read the menial task things as specifically a Real Genius reference, since suckups do the menial tasks in a lot of different movies. And the sleeping with his daughter as a RG reference is really stretching it.

I loved the DVD commentary joke. Especialyl during the fight when he goes,
“Oh, we just missed the best joke in the episide. I’ll shut up now.”

Because I watched a lot of Futurama w/ commentary, and they always say that…cause half the jokes are the best ones from the episode. :wink:

Does anyone know if Adult Swim is going to re-broadcast the new FG and AD episodes the way they did last season?

But amidst all the laughter, let’s not forget about poor Trahn “Jimmy” Ng.

Stan: some food based remark
Hailey looks at Stan in disgust
Stan: What? I’m hungry - He rode me like an animal for 3 hours, any idea what that is like?
Hailey widens her eyes
Stan: I’m not hungry anymore


I also laughed at the “None of Your Business - Move Along” booth at the CIA carnival.

I laughed out loud at that one.

Funny stuff. Especially the “outtake” sort of scene at the end with the “actor playing Stan Smith” comes in the reading room, wearing glasses, and gives Trahn “Jimmy” Ng a hug.

  • Haley’s riding him for three hours response was great.

  • I liked the DVD commentary. I wonder if they’ll keep it going?
    I really dig watching AD (sometimes more than the night’s FG), but I have found that I have no desire to RE-WATCH them.

“Smith, do you know what I was thinking about last night as I was gazing at the back of your daughter’s head?”

A terrifically funny episode. I was so-so on this show when it started, but it’s won me over. This was one of the strongest yet.

Didn’t Patrick Stewart make sex sound so dirty and unpleasant?

Indeed, he did.

Good episode.

I’ve got to say that this episode of American Dad was the first time I ever thought a night’s AD was better than the night’s Family Guy.

And the DVD commentary joke? Absolutely hilarious.


My PVR decided to go batty on Sunday and didn’t record it - any idea when it will be on again?

I was really skeptical about American Dad! when I saw the crappy first episode. It seemed like a poor copy of Family Guy. But this episode really shows that it has come into its own. It was really funny without reminding me of Family Guy very much.

Overall, the characters in American Dad! now are more developed and seem less like their Family Guy counterparts. The structure of the show is more coherent than Family Guy (that’s not necessarily better, but it is a difference). The use of Patrick Stewart is great. And the “Stan’s a dumb conservative” shtik hasn’t gotten as tiresome as I thought it would.

I still hate the fish and the alien, though. The DVD commentary gag in this episode was the first funny thing the fish has ever done. I’m glad they’ve mostly dropped the unfunny running gag in which Klaus has the hots for Francine, but they better find other funny things for the fish to do (akin to the DVD commentary gag) or flush it down the toilet. Disconnecting Klaus from reality more often for weird fourth-wall-breaking gags like the commentary joke would be a good thing.

And Roger is just plain annoying, Paul Lynde voice and all. A few episodes ago when he “died,” I had brief hopes that he’d stay croaked.

I’m still waiting for the return of that subplot about the guy who found his wife was sleeping with his buddy.

You know that thing ain’t over!