American Idol 2/13--Hooray for Hollywood!

That screwy, ballyhooey Hollywood!

Yaaaaaaay! And I am getting the best Valentine’s Day presents this year, too. Not only has my husband promised to let me watch “unmolested” tonight and tomorrow, but he also let me take the batteries out of his Wii remote, just to prove how serious he is about it. Now that, my friends, is “twu wuv.”

Go … somebody! (No favorites yet.)

Sounds like a good man, rockle…my husband watches with me, but then he wants to flip around other channels during the commercials and he doesn’t get back right on time. Grrrr!

My 10 favorites in no particular order:

Sanjaya Malakar

Lakisha Jones

Paul Kim

Jimmy McNeal

Baylie Brown

Alaina Alexander
Brandon Rogers
Brian Miller

Sundance Head

Chris Richardson


The only one I really cannot stand. Please eliminate her immediately.

Katie Bernard

My favorite part of Hollywood round is that you can watch the whole thing, and then realize you never even saw one of your favorites from the audition shows, because they got cut right away. Talk about manipulative TV.

Yes, he’s a keeper. I’m sure there’s a catch, somewhere, but I’ll be damned if I can find it. Yet. But I’ll find it eventually, have no fear. :wink:

I’m excited! No more really bad auditions. I don’t have a favorite yet - but I’d like to see that one guy - is it Sundance Head? - do well. He’s from near here.

That’s a pretty good list (and a cool idea to link to the auditions because I’d never remember any of them by name.)

I’d take off Lakisha because her daughter doesn’t want her to go and, well, she’s only three. In her place I’d put it quirky opera singing young girl from NYC. I’d take out Bailey and replace my own eye candy-- Sexy McJailbait. Brandon Rogers out because I didn’t really like his voice and Pedi-Cab girl in because I liked hers.
But besides that, I totally agree.

Does LaKisha’s daughter really not want mom to go? I got the impression that the daughter was crying because mom was crying. If mom had been jumping up and down happy, daughter would have been jumping up and down happy too.

I assume Idol pays for air fare and lodging for the Hollywood contestants. Is that right? Do they have to live together in the same hotel(s)?

I read the Wikipedia article and looked at the website but didn’t find anything about the logistics of travel and housing.

I also agree that the list is missing a Sexy McJailbait. Pretty much my only concern for the entire season of American Idol. And when I get his name, I’m going to claim him as all mine for the entire season.

I always understood that they house them in hotels during the winnowing process, and ensconce the final 12 in a large estate/mansion in the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area.

Who the heck is Sexy McJailbait? :confused:

Only two hours of AI this week, but next week has five hours. Yikes.

The 16-year-old black man (kid?) with the great cheekbones who looks like a famous model. Damn but I can’t think of the model’s name.

Jenry Bejarano who looks like Tyson Beckford

Tami Gosnell, the pedi-cab girl (Youtube). Maybe not the best voice technically, but I love this girl.

That was brutal. Imagine flying all the way to Hollywood and then told to go home in two seconds.

How did Perla get through? She sucks.

Both hyped military people out in the first round? I guess the war really, really isn’t that popular.

Oh, and I forgot about Zit boy. And Jesus bin Laden made it through! Yay!

Today I’m in the livingroom sitting in front of the computer. Sorry for the fingertip diarrhea.