American Idol 4/18-4/19: The Sounds of Seven Singers

Okay, we’re down to seven contestants. After tonight, who goes home?
I’m guessing Ace, Elliott or Kellie, but obviously this guess is premature.

 Anybody catch the SNL spoof of Taylor a few nights ago?

It’s about time someone started this thread! Not that I’ve been obsessively checking, or thinking about starting it myself or anything.

Ugh, Rod Stewart. I’ll be sure to skip the first 20 minutes of the results show.

I was so desperate for this thread, I just came in to start it myself. Thank you for saving me.

I’d really like Ace to leave this week. Or Kellie. That they’re still around and Mandisa and Bucky are gone just isn’t right.

Have the song choices been publicized yet?

If it’s anyone other than Ace, I’m going to be royally pissed.

Not yet, but I’m downloading it now.

I have a funny feeling it’s Elliot’s turn to go home this week.

I hope it’s not Elliott, but it wouldn’t surprise me, either. I don’t expect him to win, but he’s still a really good singer. At this point, it’s hard to say who’s safe. I don’t think anyone is.

I was about ready to start this thread myself too.

I am looking forward to tonight’s show. I am a big Rod Stewart fan from waaaaay back. Yes, I’m a dweeb.

And yes, I still want Ace to stick around. I know he’s NOT going to win, not a chance in hell of it. But dammit, half my eye candy got eliminated last week. Throw a girl a bone, will ya?

I wish they were doing Rod’s music, rather than The Great American Songbook stuff. I have 1-3 of the Songbooks, so let’s see what my wishlist would be:

Ace: I Only Have Eyes For You or Embracable You

Taylor: Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

Elliot: Time After Time

Kellie: You Go To My Head

Paris: Someone to Watch Over Me

Chris: I’m In the Mood For Love

Katharine: It Had To Be You

Who do I want to see gone? Katharine. She is so… bland.

Who do I think will be gone? My Ace. :frowning:

I just have a question about how AI actually works. Do these contestants have to quit their jobs? Who is paying the bills back home? Also, we see family members in the audience, some of them week after week. Who foots the bill for their visits? I’ve been puzzling over this since the first time I watched the show.

Oh yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing Katharine go myself.

Sorry Pap, I was sad to see one of my early eye-candy favs go (that really hot chick who had the sister, but got eliminated in the first or second round because she was horrible), forgot the name it was so long ago, but I will be sad to see anyone BUT Ace go this time. He’s just so much worse than everyone else.

If you owned the burger joint where one of the contestants was a waitress, would you fire her, or would you put up big honkin’ banners proclaming “Big Jim’s Burgers – Workplace Of Kellie Pickler”?

From what I understand, AI provides a semi-decent amount of cash for each week that you’re on. Nothing compared to what the show brings in, but better than what the singers were making back home.

The family members do. They’re welcome to be in the audience anytime they wish, but they have to make their own way there (leading to a nice advantage for Katherine’s parents, who live just a few miles from the show).

I predict a snoozefest. An epic snoozefest. And I love standards, so it’s not the music’s fault.

Wait a minute, you want us to pardon you for wanting to keep your eye candy on, and want to take away mine. No fair.

Anybody find a leak of the songs yet? I’m curious if (actually I’m desperately hoping that) at least some of the singers don’t go with American Songbook standards, and choose some of Rod’s own stuff.

There’s a reason John Stevens didn’t win (and that ugly moppy guy went home early this season). Standards are dull for anybody younger than 60, dag gum it.

:o Oops… sorry. I realize that all of the remaining singers are somebody’s favorite/eye candy. But I just gotta continue rootin’ for my own personal favorite, against all odds. I would have been just as happy with Bucky, and I actually REALLY liked his singing/style, as well as him being cute as hell.

What can I say… I’m a 46 year old woman that wouldn’t mind robbing a few cradles.

Poor Kevin Covais could have cleaned up this week. Because, wee and twee as he might be, he could handle standards.

Wait, so they have to sing the latest stuff that Rod has been singing, not his earlier works?

Chris: Competent but boring. Kind of karoake. He’ll be fine. At least he didn’t give it the Nickleback treatment.

Chris was good! He finally sang a bit outside his comfort zone!

Oh my goodness. That was amazing.