Amusing flash game: Where's an Egg?

You have a gun and three bullets. Somewhere a bad guy has an egg. Your job is to travel around and interrogate the people you meet to find the egg. Shoot the bad guy and you’ll get the egg and a medal. Run out of bullets and you’ll be sent to Siberia.

OK, it looks like it’s a liar/truthteller logic puzzle, but the terrible graphics are too distracting for me. If they didn’t want better graphics (that had to have been a deliberate design decision), they should have just gone with text instead. Several of the icons were so abstract and pixellated I couldn’t even come up with a mental label for them.

I see a bomb, a gym bag, a plant, a pencil, a cat, a wrench, a beer stein, a slingshot, and a strawberry.

It’s Videlectrix, the same people who did Homestar Runner. It’s deliberately bad graphics.

I just shot the first 2 people I saw. The 2nd one had the egg! I win!

Oh, you beat me. I shot the first 3 people I saw and the 3rd one had the egg. But did you beat my time of 958?!

Nice! 998!

Yeah, yeah - it’s easy if you go through and suss it out, logic style. But then you don’t get the chance to see the sweet Siberia ending.

Sometimes shooting people is the best way to solve these liar/truthteller puzzles.

So I played it a few times, and had consistent success

going to the first location mentioned by anyone when I asked them about the egg, and shooting the person there.

Was anyone else thinking “1980s KGB training simulator”?

971! But I lost the next 3 games I played though.