An important thing to know:

Hangovers do not cancel out the unpleasantness of a sinus infection.

(Thursday night was a lot of fun. Waking up Friday morning was not.)

So true.

I have found that a nice big bowl of lime sherbet helps with the former. A nice bowl of chicken soup or beef stew helps with the latter.

As you have both, I see a dilemma here.

Hope you feel better soon. :slight_smile:

At least it’s better than having a hangover AND getting your face punched in.

A dozen or so people were partying at my apt last night; most crashed in the living room afterward. One guy gets up about 8am still drunk and walks into my apartment mate’s bedroom and pisses directly onto him. Mate wakes up with with a guy who he barely knows pissing on him.


Suffice it to say that that guy is having an extremely unpleasant day: the girls who brought him here last night took him to the hospital to get stitches in his eye socket.

Another important thing to know: do not piss on a sleeping person especially a guy who’s on a college boxing team.

Well, that ruins my plans for tonight…


Other important things to know:
One should not exert downward pressure on the largely decorative portion of the costume worn by the most famous Kryptonian.

One should not, under any circumstances, expectorate contra to the flow of any significant gale.

Visibly revealing the identity of a mythical Old West lawman is right out.

Interfering in any way with male descendants of the McCoy family, noted billiard expects from a state bordering the Gulf of Mexico, is not recommended.

Grrr…that should read…noted expeRts.

My Type-fu is weak.

Damn, undergrads are, like, so smart!