An update on the 'bachelor chow' front

Seems that Campbell’s has come up with a ‘complete meal in a can’. I wonder how complete it really is.

“Now with Gravy!”

Seriously, it sounds like it will be a very good product for disaster relief and food pantries, as well as the kitchen-impaired.

Exactly. I intend to try it when it becomes available. :slight_smile:

A vegetarian version too? Awesome! Sounds like a great item for my disaster readiness supplies.

Just noting that the news article is Canadian, as are the references to its impending distribution. Not at all clear if it’s being introduced in the U.S.

Sounds much more tasty than those dry kibbles in the bag. :smiley:

The makers of this dog food commercial evidently had Futurama in mind when they made this one.

Nourish Chicken is PEOPLE!!!

I wonder how long it will keep in the can.

Yeah, but how does it taste?

I’d guess not, at least in the forseeable future. It looks like for now, they’ll donate it/retail it in Canada; and according to the linked article, “There is even talk of making it available globally for disaster relief…”

But who knows what may happen in the long-term? Undoubtedly, there are those in the US who would benefit from such a food item, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it there eventually.

I’m curious what the nutrition label looks like. Is this supposed to be complete nutrition in a can or just calories?

According to the link, each 425-gram can contains only 360 calories. If one didn’t get too bored eating the same thing for every meal (presuming you could afford to have a choice and weren’t eating it out of necessity), it seems like an effective way to lose weight.

It’s packed with a Canadian supergrain! Does that mean if you eat it you become more polite and watch more hockey?

I hope the Monkey Chow Diaries guy gives this stuff a try.

It varies from person to person :wink:

Seems like the goal was nutrition, not just calories.

Quadrotriticale? Everyone knows that was actually developed by a Russian. :wink:

Like *most *canned foods, I would guess just a day or two shy of “forever.”

Very fibrous stuff. It’s going to can to can quite rapidly.

Like rattlesnake.

The orange, the green, or both?