Anakin, ObiWan, and their battle in "Revenge of the Sith" (Warning: SPOILERS)

WARNING: Spoilers will abound in this thread regarding the climatic battle at the end of “Revenge of the Sith”.

After Obi-Wan cuts off Anakin’s legs, why does he allow Anakin to suffer so horrifically? Even to the last moment of their battle, he tries to stop the violence, and tells Anakin he thought of him as a brother. If that were the case, wouldn’t he put Anakin out of his misery when he saw that he was burning to death?

Jedi show an absurd amount of hesitation when it comes to killing. Consider why wasting Doku was such a big deal, and why Samuel L. has this big internal conflict delaying his wasting of Palpatine long enough for Anakin to Sith out.

Fortunately, Luke manages to evade this part of the training so that when it comes time to waste Stormtroopers (as opposed to wave after wave of soul-less robots), he just wades right in.

If you read the book, he basically decides to leave it to the will of the Force. He cannot bring himself to kill Anakin, even after all of that. Plus, he KNEW the Emperor was on his way and he had to haul ass.

Poor hot, sexy Obi-Wan.

Plus if he hadn’t lived he never would have been redeemed 20 years later.

Um. Is *that *why Lucas waited so long? As long as Luke was supposed to have lived? :smack: :smack: :smack: )

(emphasis mine) This may be my most favorite Star Wars-related phrase ever. Sith out! Genius.

As a non-Star Wars fan, I’d have to guess that Obi-Wan didn’t finish Anakin off because

  1. Anakin’s ass was already on fire.
  2. Anakin could still possibly force-push Obi-Wan into the lava stream.
  3. Hi Opal!

It’s also possibly that all that fighting and force usage combined with the smell of Anakin’s burning flesh made Obi-Wan hungry and he went off to have a burger.

I addressed this a while back.

Hopefully you get better results.

I still say Obi-Wan was all kinds of wrong.



I agree: when there’s time to think, a Jedi tends to hesitate before killing. But Yoda had no problem beheading the two clone soldiers that were coming up behind him, Obi-Wan killed both Darth Maul and General Grievous, and there’s probably other examples. Obi-Wan would have probably killed Anakin in the heat of their battle, but I guess once Anakin was rendered helpless, Ob-Wan couldn’t do it.

IMHO though, leaving him limbless and burning isn’t very compassionate either. If you aren’t going to kill him, how about a little first aid?

I still say Obi-Wan was all kinds of wrong.
I agree. And he is haunted by his failure 20 years later, if by “haunted” you mean “run through with a lightsaber.”

Maybe he was just very depressed.
“Force? Don’t talk to me about Force. Gah, I don’t even know why I bother, I’m so depressed.”

Heh. Haunted by his mistake, Obi-Wan advises Luke: “JUST BLOW UP THE WHOLE THING! TAKE THE SHOT! TAKE THE SHOT!”

Of course, if Obi Wan did go down to rescue Anakin, he’d be on fire, too.

That beard would burn like a torch.

This isn’t the first time Obi-Wan has failed in this way. I would argue that the whole reason that Ani went over to the dark side was due to an earlier mistake along those lines. Remember when Obi-Wan and Calgon Jim left Ani’s mother in slavery and took Ani? They seem to be oblivious to the suffering of others at times. Result was, Ani killed that whole village of sand raiders after they killed Ani’s mom. Set up the later murders of the jedi kids.

Nope. Palpatine was holding off Windu with his lightning. When his juice gave out, as it were, Anakin had to make his decision.

As for the OP, I think it was mostly a matter of Obi-Wan trying to redeem Anakin. Once Anakin was chopped up and Obi-Wan gave his “you were the chosen one” line, instead of remorse or any positive emotions Anakin went with the “I hate you”.

So, fuck 'em. Certainly a Sith Lord (who Yoda had probably managed to kill anyways, seeing as how Obi-Wan didn’t feel him die) won’t bother to come by and fix up his failed apprentice…


I once killed a Yoda, just to feel him die…

Aniken crossed over because Qui Gonn died. if QG had lived, Aniken would have been trained properly.

Choosing a novice Jedi Master like Obi Wan Kenobi to trained someone as theoretically important and troubled as “the chosen one” was a collosally stupid decision on the part of an oblivious Jedi Council.

But then again, the chain of events in I-III are stupid and odd because the ending required for IV-V is fixed. Aniken does cross over, the Jedi Order does cease to exist, blah blah freaking blah.

They didn’t choose him; he asked.

Slight hijack:

I have a tangential question about the parallel duel that occurs in ROTS between Sidious and Yoda that I’ve wondered about.

I am not a Star Wars fanatic, so I haven’t read the novels from the “Dark Empire” expanded universe, or any of the trilogy novels, for that matter. I really have only a scant understanding of some of the events that serve as padding for what went on in the two trilogies. I do know that even now, very little canonical information exists about the histories of either Palpatine/Sidious or Yoda. These two characters in particular have a background shrouded in mystery, and yet when Yoda enters Sidious’ personal chamber in ROTS, they exchange a few interesting lines which would lead the viewer to believe that these two go back together somehow. They share a sort of knowing jeering for one another, as if that wasn’t the first time they’d met, and then Sidious says to Yoda after knocking him out with lighting: “I have waited a long time for this moment, my little green friend.”

Not only is Yoda 900 years old, but Sidious has also (at least in the EU) extended his life through the use of the Dark Side to regenerate his body/spirit over the years. So far as I’ve been able to find, there is no indiciation of when Darth Plagueis actually lived, so there’s no frame of reference to compare when Sidious murdered him. Ostensibly, Palpatine was born some eighty years before the original trilogy.

My question is this: is there any EU canon which sheds any light on possible previous encounters between Yoda and Sidious?

They almost certainly had interactions before simply in their Senator and Jedi roles, I’d be surprised if that was their 1st meeting. Siduous prbably just had wanted to kill Yoda as long as he had heard of him, since he’s a Sith and all. No need to postulate them going back together any further.