...and you see your SO on the internet...naked...

I would tell him we need more curtains, or he needs more pants.

Which, depending on what shape he’s in and what age he was, may involve anything from blackmail to more private entertainment.

If Middlebro and SIL manage to come up with a more embarrasing picture of The Nephew than their last Christmas card, where he was naked except for a pair of wings, I’ll be extremely amazed. We can’t wait to see what do they manage to do next Christmas, with a 3yo and a newborn :rolleyes:

I imagine I’d at the very least be curious about it, but if curiosity was a deadly illness I would have joined the great majority decades ago.


See and I look at it as “Made porn with good looking dude” = Decided to do porn and “Made porn with guy who looks like Lou Pinella” = supporting my meth addiction.

I’ve seen nude pics of my g.f. on the internet. Some were even, um, action shots.

For the most part, they made me feel better about my equipment.

FWIW, they’re at an online photo album of hers and she was the one showing them to me, so it’s not like I was just surfing porn and “oh, I know her.”

It’s called a scrotum.

Glad I could help.

I tend to think my first reaction would be your username. :smiley:

ETA: well, I mean, I don’t have a SO right now, but my last girlfriend had some nudie pictures tucked away in a private place online that she showed me. I thought it was kind of cool, though I will admit that I had the exact opposite reaction when I learned of her, uh, extensive sexual past.

I don’t have an SO right now, but I’d imagine my reaction would be shocked, aroused, then angered (depending on the nature of the images, of course).

On the flip-side, however, there are a couple of images I’ve seen of people who I’d like to be my SO. :smiley:


Okay, I think I just found a pornographic image of my ex online. I found the link in the “funniest porn” thread in cafe society. I want to vomit all over myself in disgust and terror. Seriously, EW!

As long she wasn’t doing something that she had refused to do with me, I would be cool with it.
Hell it might even give me ideas.

There are naked pics of me out there. Umm - there is a naked pic of me linked somewhere here on straight dope! (I would tell you where - but what fun is that?)

But since the OP said

I guess I need to answer the questions at hand.

If the pic was an older pic from before our days - and it was not posted for him as a current solicitation of sex of some kind - that’s not my business to be mad about, really. I might point it out to him so that he’s aware of it - but I can’t get mad about his past sex life.

If it was a current picture posted without my prior knowledge soliciting for something I’m not fulfilling for him, then we need to talk. Because I would rather part in advance as adults than after the fact and feel betrayed.

For the record, I’m pretty open about my sexuality, and enjoy the pictures I have of myself. Because they were taken during good times and made me feel sexy. And I needed that then. And the people I shared those pics with, I shared knowing full well that nothing on the internet ever fully disappears and its going to resurface at some point.

That’s while you’ll never see me running for Congress or seeking appointment to the clergy. :smiley:

What does this cartoon mean? Do I want to know?


It is almost 100% sure you don’t. Basically, 2girls1cup is a “porn” video with two females doing things with a cup full of poop.

The xkcd guy, being the xkcd guy, can even find a math joke in that.

I’d look around for the snowballs and hellfire, not to mention the flying pigs.

Not as easy a question as it would seem at first glance.

Step 1: Taken before she was my SO, no problem on that point. May get ideas for our own photoshoot.

Or, taken last week and posted without my knowledge, we need to talk and it’s probably not going to end well.

Step 2: What is she doing and with who? Her own interpretation of tubgirl? Going to be a short talk and definately not going to end well.

Assuming we get past 1 and 2.

Step 3: Profit! :smiley:

Oh jeez, I had to ask.

Thanks, I guess.


I would download every pic for my own personal collection. Videos would be considered a bonus. As long as its not shots with her and other guy(s) from last week, its hardly a big deal. Solo pics from today wouldn’t bother me either.

I presume you don’t mean the ones I posted.

Too subjective a question. Depends on the pic(s)/video(s), the situation, SO’s history since they were taken, how you found out, SO’s reaction when you bring it up (probably better to figure out a nice, perhaps roundabout way to bring it up, or it’s going to come out during a fight one day)who was in the video (alone vs. all your common friends in a group thing vs. a scary satanic ritual), how long it’s been since those photos (20 years is different from 2 weeks ago), where you’re at in your relationship (first dates vs. the grandkids are visiting from college), and if you actually like and respect your SO, or if you just hate doing all the chores yourself and want someone to split the bills with.

But boiling it all down to an easier question, I suppose it might simply be asking myself if this changes who the SO is to me. Do the things I found make me insecure, distrustful, feel like the SO’s not the person I thought I knew? (SO is definitely not the person you imagine but can you live with that?)

For instance, do I now look at SO as a flake, bimbo, whore, etc? Or was SO just trying to make a few bucks, using a lot of drugs, or just being wild during college years, and how does that relate to them today? Has that time period been outgrown or rejected since, or does SO talk about those days wistfully, wishing they never ended?

Bigger question, and the real one, would SO dump you to relive those days, or would SO want to relive those days with you, because you’d be more fun than the past? And would that mesh with your own personality if it were the case?

Which, although I’m sure a lot of folks might want the links to your SO’s photos for “research”, the variables pretty much put the, ahem, ball in your court. Just don’t make things worse by making it what it isn’t, or pretending nothing’s changed and flipping out some day.

It would, after all, be a little sad to spaz out about it some day, only to have SO point out that the person on the site does look a lot like them, but isn’t, pointing out numerous, believable reasons why. It may very well be them, but either way, letting your imagination run wild is never helpful when dealing with these uncomfortable situations, for you or your SO.

This is one of the problems I have with the interweb in general. I’d say I suppose the upcoming generation will either have to contend with this more or be desensitised to it, but I gather some of y’all are pretty used to it as well.

The Internet is great for finding information and communicating. I think people putting personal information and/photos out there - no matter what they contain - is utterly foolish. I share little to nothing about myself, join as few Web sites as possible and only recently posted by resume on a job-finding site because I really need more work - and I was really nervous about that.

Finding something like a nude pic of an SO (no idea how I might do so, but for the sake of the argument) would annoy, disgust and dissapoint me. Showing such poor judgement would drop that person in my estimation by a thousand percent.

I’ve heard that kind of nonsense is normal or even popular on these … social whatevering sites, and it’s appallingly dumb.