Android vs. Iphone

I want an IPOD touch with a camera.
I already have a cell phone, and old Nokia. It works perfectly fine and I don’t want to replace it.
But I love the IPOD touch because (i) I have wifi at home, at work and in the subway (ii) I commute a lot and if I had Stanza I would be a happy man (iii) Google calendar, etc would be handy.
But I also need a camera for work, I am a lawyer and a friend uses the camera to photograph files, etc.
I could buy an Iphone but it is very expensive and I can’t afford it in good conscience.
So an android cell phone could be handy if it has wifi. But more importantly is there an app similar to stanza for android?
My last question: has someone developed an Android alternative to the Itouch (with camera, of course).

How is an android that much expensive than an iphone? My understanding is that prices were comparable.

Also FWIW must cell phone cameras are pretty awful compared to even inexpensive digital cameras. I definitely would not consider any cell phone camera useful or sufficient for photographing legal exhibits.

T-mobile’s basic voice plan and basic data plan are like 20 or 30 dollars less (combined) than AT&Ts comparable plans for the iphone. So you can get savings with the G2.

What is Stanza?

Rumors are circulating about an iPod Touch with camera that will be released sometime in the first half of next year. Apparently, there was supposed to be a camera included with the most recent refresh, but it was taken out at the last minute, possibly for quality control reasons. Just in case you want to hold out for another couple of months.

That’s because the AT&T plan includes a subsidy for the iPhone, and T-moble makes you buy the phone outright, for $400+.

Huh? The AT&T subsidy comes when you buy the phone. You pay the same airtime whether you bought the phone from AT&T or if you bought it from Ebay. There is no discount on airtime or data charges for bringing your phone to the table, just the actual phone itself when you buy it.

Might I reccomend a Nokia N97, with mobipocket installed? 5MB camera with Carl Zeiss lens?


That’s not true. T-Mobile charges I think $200 or $150 (with a two-year commitment, but that’s standard for buying any cell phone).

That would be a little difficult since the IPhone isn’t sold by T-Mobile, what with the exclusive distribution AT&T has here in the US.

Well, my wife is looking at the Cliq, and they charge $400 for it, with the standard contract. The iPhone 3GS is $199…

>That’s because the AT&T plan includes a subsidy for the iPhone, and T-moble makes you buy the phone outright, for $400+.

I just went to and priced out the 3G mytouch, or whatever the g2 is called.

500 mins voice 39.99
data 30.00

69.99 monthly.

My iphone with similar plans costs me 90 dollars a month. So yes, there’s roughly a 15-20 dollars a month savings.

Ah, I see what you are refering to. They have the option for unsub phones. 59.99 for 500 mins, unlimited text and data. Thats quite a deal. Still, you an get the subbed phone for 69.99 a month. Still, loads cheaper than the 90 a month I pay with AT&T.

Well, you don’t actually pay $90 / month with AT&T, and the T-mobile $69.99 plan isn’t either.
The AT&T plan is $74.99 - then you add all the unavoidable taxes, surcharges, etc on top.
The T-mobile $69.99 is $5 cheaper, but you are never going to pay only $69.99 - you have to pay all the hidden costs, just like AT&T.

My wife and I have been smartphone shopping for her - and the one thing that’s apparent is that** all carrier’s plans cost essentially the same.**

Yes, some of that 90 is taxes, but with at&t i get 450 minutes instead of 500 and need to pay $5 a month for the lowest text message plan. So Im still roughly 5-10 dollars cheaper. Worse with overage charges.

Granted, its not a big difference, but its enough. On top of it, tmobile has a better unlimited deal than the other carriers. I might just dump the iphone, pay the full 400 for the g2, and enjoy the 59 dollar plan sans contract. Oh and install apps without paying apple for development license or being rejected for them being too offensive to middle america.

So instead of paying the 200 for the 3GS, you pay 400 for the G2 and you make up the difference in 10 months. No contract. Instead you pay 20 extra for 2 years = $400 + the $200 down = $600 total instead of $400 total. Thats not “roughly” the same.

I’ve shopped around and found T-mobile to be a little cheaper (it’s only $5-$10 cheaper/month but it starts to add up). T-Mobile has a plan without a subsidized phone (the “Plus” plan) that doesn’t require a contract. Even if you buy a $400 phone it saves you money in the long run. Unfortunately I fell in love with the Motorola Droid and switched from T-Mobile to Verizon before I knew about Google’s Nexus One.

And you also said T-Mobile subsidizes the IPhone and doesn’t make you buy it outright… when the only way to use an IPhone on T-Mobile is to buy an unsubsidized phone and use it outright

ETA: Unsubsidized by T-Mobile anyway, you can buy IPhones on Ebay from people who took the contract extension (and thus the AT&T subsidy), went back to their old phone, and pocket the difference after the sale

No, I didn’t say that.
I said “phone”, meaning the Android phone.
As an iPhone user since day 1, I’m well aware that AT&T is the only authorized carrier.

When I commented on T-mobile indeed subsidizing phones, I was referring to their subsidy (with a two-year committment) of the MyTouch/G1 and other Android-based smart phones, just as ATT subsidizes their smart phone from Apple. I may have misunderstood the comparison beowulff was making.

To be clear: T-Mobile subsizes (with a contract) their Android smart phones. If you want to use an iPhone with T-Mobile, you’ll have to buy it unsubsidized. (Just as I assume if you wanted to use an Android phone with ATT it would not be subsidized).