Ann Coulter and George Carlin - Jay Leno - Wenesday June 14th.

Just thought I’d alert the SDMB crowd to this potential sparkfest. Increasingly loonier Ann Coulter on the same show with the increasingly grouchier George Carlin, both of whom are well-known for being outspoken.
That’s Wednesday, June 14th.

(I didn’t know whether this should go in Cafe Society or MPSIMS, but I think the postings will get so nasty, it’ll probably end up in the Pit).

Feh. It’ll be worked, just like Lawler-Kaufman on the Letterman show years ago. If I was booking it, I’d put Coulter over on free TV, then push the rematch on PPV.

I’m increasingly annoyed at the amount of publicity Coulter gets. I wish the media would stop feeding that particular troll.

Jay Leno is fake, but he’s not quite as fake as pro wrestling.

You know, I’m not sure I believe what I just wrote. Anyway, I expect no coffee-slinging.

I agree Coulter can’t risk doing any spot with liquid. She might melt on live TV. Hmmmm…I might pay to watch that…

Now we’re talking about a show worth watching!

Carlin is way, way too smart and quick witted to let Skeletor get the best of him. Unlike most of Coulter’s interviewers, there’s no way he’d ever be intimidated by her. He’s got way too much backbone for that.

Not to mention the fact that he was doing brutal, brilliant comedy, including improv, which will come in handy this week, while Ann was still playing with Dressy Bessy dolls and sticking crayons up her nose.

Carlin may be past it, but he’s not that past it. I think Ann’s going to get her bony ass handed to her.

Unless Leno has radically changed the format of his show since the last time I watched, they’re not going to be debating each other. They might not even be on stage at the same time: guests don’t always hang around on the couch after their bit is through. I’m hoping for a rhetorical beatdown from Carlin, but I’d be pretty surprised if it actually happens.

Don’t ya think Leno and NBC are hoping for fireworks? I’d be pretty surprised if they made a serious effort to keep the two separated on camera. As I posted above, I think the whole thing will be worked (staged/pre-planned). They’ll each get a couple of zingers in, and we’ll go to a commercial. The fun part would be if either or both decided to deviate from the gameplan…

I don’t know, his stuff last year wasn’t that funny. :smiley:

:rolleyes: Ugh. I’m pretty sure Carlin and Coulter would not agree to work with each other.

Imagine if he were actually funny as well? Triple threat!

Although I haven’t watched Leno in years, I think you’re right in the sense that guests generally don’t interact with each other when they’re both on the set at the same time; instead, they talk to Jay. Keep in mind that a comedian of Carlin’s stature won’t do a “stage” routine, he’ll sit down on the set (if he does do a stage routine, he’ll still sit down and talk to Jay). He’ll never sit still for Coulter’s particular brand of invective, and won’t let tradition interfere with his likely-scathing commentary toward Coulter. As for whether or not he’s funny…eh. I’ll settle for smart and mean. These days, he’s good at both…ever catch him on Real Time with Bill Maher? And while Coulter is rarely challenged by someone with balls, when she is she becomes much more flustered than when she is given a free rein to vent.

I’d love to see it, but we probably won’t get the ultimate smackdown. Too bad.

I never, ever watch Leno, but just as I shamefully slowed down to look at the accident between a runaway bull and a pickup truck on I-45 the other night, I’ll probably tune in for this.

Sure, but while Coulter is a lunatic fascist whore, she’s not completely stupid, and is unlikely to put herself in a position where she could be publically humiliated. Even if Leno, Carlin, and NBC are all slavering for a bloody on-camera fight, Coulter herself has nothing to gain from it. My bet is Coulter will go on first, do her bit with Leno, and then leave the stage before Carlin comes on.

I don’t expect much from it even if they do battle on the sofa.

I have a feeling Carlin would just call her a troll and shrug her off. Carlin is smart and he knows what she’s about because he plays the same game. He just does it better.

bumping: Carlin’s on as we speak.

Leno: “Stick around for Ann?”

Carlin: Head nod with an expression that could only be described as “You bet your ass I’m staying.”

They seemed kinda chummy during the promos, so I’m not really anticipating major fireworks now.

This is the first time I’ve seen Ann Coulter on television in a while, so let me ask:

Has she had her skeleton replaced with Tinkertoys? Is that possible? And why does she appear to have had her neck replaced with a giraffe’s?