Another Cat Who Needs A Name

OK, so I’ve done it again. Cat meows plaintively at door. I let the cat in. I now seem to have a fourth cat.

This one got identified fairly fast: he’s moved from one neighboring farm barn to another, got chased out by an older tom. On the first farm the children sometimes took him in the house, which explains why he wants to get into houses. The farms in question are overly supplied with cats and don’t particularly want him back, and the older tom certainly doesn’t want him back. He seems to like it here just fine; but I’m having trouble figuring out what his human-pronounceable name is. He didn’t have one when he was a barn cat, so that’s no help. He’s a talkative creature, but despite the potential two-language pun Chatty doesn’t seem right. Anybody know any words in other languages for “talkative” or “talking cat” that sound like cat names?

Oh yeah, cat tax. Hope this works:

The Maori word for talking is “Korero”. Pronounced “KOH-rih-ro” but you can say it as you please when it’s a name. Cat is Ngeru, which sounds like a meow.

I found an online pronunciation guide and I don’t think I can say it quite right – I sound to myself like I’m saying something different. But given permission to mess up the pronunciation (and I doubt I say my own name the way my grandmother did), that might actually work.

Other people? More suggestions?


Trying again:

Name him Carlisle, then when you introduce him to folks, “This is our kitty, Carlisle.”

I cannot take credit for this:

  • Battlepaws Galacticat

Pretty sure that is what he would name himself.

A bigger cat ran him off?
How about “Punk”?

Punky Mewster?


:slight_smile: “Punky” for short has a ring to it. You can call him with it, or yell at him with it.
“Punky! Get off the couch!”

I dunno, I keep thinking of the name of one of our posters, @Two_Many_Cats. :grinning:

Whatever name you give him, you have done a Good Thing, and increased your karma points.

Parker. I just like that for a cat’s name.

He says he’s a lover, not a fighter.

(I haven’t broken it to him about the vet. appointment yet.)

– but seriously, he’s a pretty non-aggressive cat. Confident – shows no sign of being afraid of my two neutered toms, though they’re both a good bit bigger than he is – but also no sign of wanting to fight them. (He fled from my female cat when she threatened him, but that’s sort of a separate issue; he’s probably used to female cats being in charge of barn cat colonies.)

I don’t think so. Punky to me sounds like rotten wood. While that does eventually make good topsoil, I’m not ready for him to become topsoil for quite a while yet.

On another board, years ago, there was a poster who went by Four Kitties.

I usually have either three or four. I try to keep it to not more than four.

I’ve had two cats named for evil people, one was Vladimir and one is Atilla. I wanted to make it a trilogy of evil but I won’t be able to have more cats.

What about Genghis or Donald?

Seriously, though, when I heard the kitty story I thought about Hobo, for someone begging at doors.

that doesn’t seem like too many; you live in the country, right?

how about Tigger? Pooh’s stripey friend talked alot.

On an 80 acre farm.

I saw a dog on Facebook…his owners had named him Pawblo Escobark.

Any other Pawblos…?

heck, if you’ve only got 4 cats you’re doing well. I googled what to name a talkative cat and one suggestion was Gabby :wink:

I’ve been through the desert on a cat with no name.

Sounds like a purrcivist. Like a pacifist, but furrier.