Another Doper Photo thread. . .


Unless one slipped by me, I haven’t seen a Doper Photo thread in awhile. I know some of the older pages have gone the way of the 404 [sub]nevermore![/sub].

Here’s me at work on a day off , and me playing a “bad guy” [sub]OPFOR[/sub] for an exercise at work.

See? I can wear a tie. I clean up nice. . .

I just posted my pics on the teeming millions site the other day so I’m keen to show them off…


Never mind…link didn’t work. Will give it another try.

Nothing special as I’m not good with pictures but here ya go anyway.


The “Are you ugly?” thread in IMHO kinda morphed into a picture thread and has been going for the past few days. You can see my picture on the first page of that one.


Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting](

Me, in painting form

This is me about to go out for the evening, me with no hat and me looking menacing.

Hope that didn’t break anyone’s monitor.

My hair’s much longer now, covering my eyes and ears, but this is me from last May.

I’m drooling. :wink:

No, really, any chick with a .45 makes me all hot and bothered.

Ms. 45 is one of my favorite movies.

Damn. I will have to get a .45 since that one is just my 9mm.

I could show you my 9mm but it usually gets me banned. :frowning:

And it’s probably bigger than 9mm. :wink:

Here’s trubl

Here I am struggling with a tent-like thing during the preparations for a party at our department:
Picture 1 (in the center)
Later on the same evening:
Picture 2 (on the left)

Me and the dog on our annual camping trip.

This is me looking shaggy.

This is me (in the red) last year.

This is me dressed like a hippie with a nasty head wound.

This is me where you can’t see me.

Dorky pics I took for another message board I go to (it’s a Pokemon message board, and yes, I love Pokemon even though I’m 24, so there!):

Me with Mario
Me with Pikachu and Butterfree


Um, wow…my goodness.

Here are a few of me.