Another one of life's little smackdowns

Ring! Ring!

“Slightly surrealistic oilfield service company, El_Kabong speaking”.

“Oh, hello Kabong, this is Simon. Is there no one at the office?”

“Well, yes, there is someone at the office. Me. You know, the person who answered the phone. What can I do for you?”

“Oh, well, thanks. I’ll call back later when someone’s there.”

Sheesh. Chopped liver is I, apparently.

Oops, my mistake, I thought someone started a thread here…


What, no OP?

Simon, you’re right – they’re totally irresponsible for not staffing their phones during the workday.


Jeeziz, even the smilies are ignoring me.

If El_Kabong were around I’d tell him his thread got moved to MPSIMS.


There’s a thread here?

I heard a rumor that El Kabong and Bosda have started hanging out together – anyone seen either of 'em around so we can confirm?

You mean like Sasquatch and Nessie?

Exactly. (But which one’s which?)

Wrong. Everyone knows bosda and kabong are just old folk tales parents scare their children with.

Well, El Kabong, if you were here I’d tell you about a time just last week that I wish I hadn’t been there or at least that I wished that the party to whom I was speaking when I answered the phone had thought I wasn’t there or had taken my word for it that although I was there I knew nothing.

I’m at the office trying to finish up the newspaper. We publish three small weekly papers and I’m the editor and production person for one of them. A woman called at 6:20pm, not only after normal office hours, but after deadline for any of the papers.
She asked, by name, for a Sales Rep from one of the other papers. I told her politely that Rep wasn’t in, but I’d be glad to take a message. And the conversation proceeded:

**Lady: **Well, I’m wondering about advertising in the A paper.

me: I’m sorry, I don’t work in advertising, but I can have the Rep call you back.

**Lady: **Well, I just need to know about advertising in the June 9 issue of the A paper and…

me: I’m sorry, as I said, I don’t work in advertising. I’m the editor of the S paper and right now I’m trying to get the paper out for deadline so I’m sure the Rep will be able to help you out if you just give me your name and number and I’ll have her call you back.

**Lady: **Well, can’t you just tell me what size the paper is? And what size ads are available? And how much they cost? And…

me: The paper is tabloid sized ma’am and I’m not sure about the rest since I don’t work in advertising and I don’t want to give you incorrect information. I’ll be glad to give the Rep a call at home right now with your name and number and if she’s available I’m sure she’ll call you right back.

**Lady: **Well, I’m only going to be here for another minute.

*Well, Holy Shmuck, lady, I didn’t realize it was AN AD EMERGENCY, why didn’t you say so to begin with? Fuck the Rep. I’ll get the Publisher on the BatAdPhone immediately. *
So sometimes it’s good to not be there, El Kabong, wherever you are.

Wrong again. Everyone knows that bosda and kabong are actually one in the same.

Does that mean that sasquatch and nessie are the same?

Well, have you ever seen them in a room together? Hmmmmm…

The other day upon the stair
I saw a Kabong who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish to heck he’d go away!*

*[sub]Not really, please don’t kabong me with your guitar, sir.[/sub]

Hey, Everybody! I just bought a brand new gong, and I’m going to go practice. So if any of you here a Kabong, just ignore it.


Well, if this El Kabong character were real, and not just a product of pop-culture and myths, I would say the problem lay with tight pants.