Answers Only Thread

Rephrase this

I finally got one, but the selection wasn’t great. Hope it’s okay anyway.

Yes, I’m finally scheduled for the week of Jan. 25. Details to come.

No, I don’t want to see pictures.

I saw it, and it was okay, but I liked the book better.

Oh, come on! You know damn well I’ve never done that!

Yes, I am.

I have no idea what you just said. You werre laughing too hard.

You funny

Yes, it IS activated! I just activated it last night, dammit!

Pretty much the same as always. I wish I had something exciting to report, but I don’t.

With just five days left in office, Mr. President, I really wouldn’t if I were you.

No, silly, it doesn’t have to be a “real” answer you recently gave someone. You can make up anything you want.

I made it up! And you laughed. But seriously …

So glad you asked. Yes, I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning.

Nothing definite. Probably just relax in front of the TV.

Nothing much yet. Just some rain and a little snow.

I think so, but I suppose I could be wrong.

He’s 6’10", though he may have lost an inch or so, now that he’s in his 50s. I’ve lost a little height too, so I can’t tell.

It was working fine until the cat peed on it.