Answers Only Thread

No. I don’t think my character would react that way.

It’s because the recipe called for a half teaspoon of salt, and you used a half CUP.

It’s actually pretty easy, if you’ve got the right tools.

Oh please, don’t bother me with stupid questions. You know how busy I am, getting rid of all the evidence.

That much blood, on a rug? Jeez, I don’t know.

I thought I asked you to get the seedless variety. Now I’ll have to fix something else.

No, there’s still ten minutes on the oven timer.

Now they’re saying they won’t be delivered until late June. But of course I’m expected to order and pay for it now.

No. Call display showed it was somebody I don’t want to speak with right now.

I honestly don’t understand how that could have happened. Perhaps iTunes can read minds.

This way, if you please, Mr. President.

Well, I mixed equal parts flavored sparkling water, green tea and distilled water. Glad you like it.

First, cut the black wire. NO NO I mean the red wire!

It’s a lot easier if you get an electronic tuner. They’re pretty cheap.

Channel 56, as I recall.

Oh, I used to have an LP of that musical. Didn’t actually care for it that much.

No, we did Brigadoon my junior year of high school. Guys and Dolls was sophomore year.

Shut up and get out. NOW.

No, the order isn’t exactly the same as last time. Close, but not exactly.

I got them today. I’ll plant them tomorrow.