Any LA / Ventura area Dopers out there?

I’ve been hanging around MPSIMS for a few months now, and I’ve seen lots of East Coast and Canadian Dopefest threads. But what about us West Coasters? Do I have any fellow Californians here on the SDMB? If so, are any of you located in the LA or Ventura County areas? (I’m situated almost on the LA County/Ventura County border, so I go both places.) Maybe we could have a Dopefest of our own sometime…

Of course, it could be that I have somehow missed the LA Dopefest thread. If one exists, a link would appreciated. Thanks!

We’ve had quite a few DopeFests. I’ve been to 7 at last count. :slight_smile: Last one was…what was it, March, gang? Ye Olde King’s Head in Santa Monica. I can’t recall any being in Ventura County, but I could be wrong. I spent my teen years around there, though, and know the area pretty well. I’d be game for a visit.

Hope you realize, though, that He Who Asks About a DopeFest Is Then Responsible For Organizing Said DopeFest. I realized this several LA DopeFests ago. :wink:

Is She Who Asks About A DopeFest still responsible for organization if she can’t drive? 'Cause I can’t, which could make things like checking out potential venues problematic. And if I organize it, chances are good I’ll pick a place that doesn’t have a liquor license.

::mutter mutter:: just HAD to open my big mouth, didn’t I? ::mutter mutter::

Live in San Berndino County, about 1/2 mile from the LA county border. Never been to a Dopefest though–never figured people would be too inclined to meet me. Also, I’m lazy.

Hmm, you’re quite a ways from the LA/Ventura border then, pepperlandgirl. And of course we want to meet you- you’re a fellow Doper!

Perhaps we are close, QB? I live near Castaic.

I live next to Long Beach, which is the center of Southern California.

Well, not really the center.

Anyway, nobody really knows who I am so I never went to any of the dopefests.

Hey! I’m a Southern Californian, also from San Bernardino County.

But I live in Minnesota, so I guess that counts me out.

We L.A. Dopers LOVE Dopefests! And we certainly don’t have to go somewhere that has a liquor license to have fun. In fact, because we have so many underage Dopers amongst us, we do our best to plan gatherings where all are welcome, not just those old enough to legally drink.

We tried to go bowling once, but we didn’t reserve lanes ahead of time, so there weren’t any available once we got there. Dinner at Jerry’s Famous Deli afterwards was a blast, though! We’ve also dined at Ye Olde King’s Head in Santa Monica (a few times) and El Torito in Redondo Beach twice. We’ve played on the Santa Monica Pier and the Redondo Beach Pier. We’ve visited the Page Museum (La Brea Tar Pits) and LACMA. Marie Callender’s in West L.A., Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orange County, Gladstones at Universal City Walk and various Dopers’ homes have also been sites for Dopefests.

And in October 2001, I hosted the weekend that will live in infamy as Dopetoberfest! About 80 people, many from the L.A. area, but many from all over the world, attended a weekend of fun and frivolity.

And we like to meet everybody, so everyone who’s been avoiding us, please come to the next one!

I was born and raised in rough and tough Hollywood, lived in Van Nuys for a year, then Northridge, and now I’m in beautiful affluent Woodland Hills on the westside of the the San Fernando Valley.

I’m curious, where in LA County is Unreality?


We love Dopefests and would love to go to another one any time, but, since Rico and I planned the one in March I’d sure like to see someone else plan the next one.

We weren’t able to go to the one they just had in San Diego :frowning: :mad:

I’ll be keeping an eye out for an annoucement :smiley:

Unreality is a state of mind, hon. :wink: And I’m in Ventura County; Thousand Oaks, to be precise. The LA County border is hardly a stone’s throw away, which is why I posted LA/Ventura. Not too far from Woodland Hills, IIRC. Jpeg Jones, I think Castaic is about 2 hours drive from TO.

Wow, more SoCal Dopers than I thought! Shayna, thanks for the linkses. Once the 'net gets less busy and more speedy late tonight I’ll take a look.

Thousand Oaks, eh? I went to high school there. I don’t suppose you’re a fellow TOHS grad?

Looks like I’m on the other side of LA county from you. I’m just beyond Cerritos, in Orange County. And I’ve been to, um… 2 whole Dopefests.

I might have gone to the one in SD that just happened in June, but I was busy graduating from college. You can guess what an inconvenience that was. :smiley:

:eek: :cool: OMG! I don’t believe this. Yes, I was a Lancer! A band Lancer, no less! And they still haven’t remodeled or significantly improved the drainage at Tacky Old High School. Though they did get a new theater… after I left, of course.

Hmmmmm…a bit of a twin I detect here.
(Yeesh, sorry for the Yoda-speak. Must be my State of Unreality. :slight_smile: )

Considering I’m justplainbryan’s wife, I’m usually wherever he is. :smiley:
Yeah, it’s been a while since the last L.A. dopefest. This should be something to keep in mind soon.

Well, I was a choir geek, so there! The new theater came not long after I left, too, and I’m very bitter about that. Concerts in the cafeteria and/or renting local church halls SUCKED.

So now I’m wondering if we may vaguely know each other already! What’s your graduating class? I’m a '91 alum.

Well, Ruffian, that’s a long story. However, I was at TOHS rather later than you; I left in '97 or thereabouts. Would have been in the class of 2000, but health issues forced me to drop out and eventually get a GED. I was there long enough to make a few memories, though.

Yes… we should have a DopeFest sometime in the near future.

Here’s a Valley Doper checking in (I live in Van Nuys, attend classes at Northridge).

I was at the last DopeFest… what did we call it? Tar Dope? 'Cause we started at the La Brea Tar Pits? 'Course we ended up at Ye Olde King’s Head down in St. Monica. 'Twas fun.

Are we talking of doing this again? Sounds great, as I have my bike running again! ye hah :smiley: