Any ladies in Colorado? This man wants you to have his babies.

Any applicants?

Aside from the merits of his proposal or lack thereof, why on God’s green Earth would you post this as your first picture?

Why in all that is holy did I click on the EROTICA section of the pictures? :smack:

Perhaps because this]([url= is what he looks like without the mask?

Fixed link: this.

Is it just my imagination or has he had extra electrical outlets installed in his bedroom?

Ewwww, it’s Peter Pan’s exhibitionist brother! Note to self: do not click erotica links on already supremely icky websites.

I’d rate him as Peter Pan meets Iggy Pop.

I’m guessing his dessicated mother is on the other side of this sheet. What do you want to bet his Nova has vinyl seat covers?

Dang, if only I weren’t quite so far past my reproductive prime… :rolleyes:

He just wants to breed his own little cult.

He also wants all his kids and grandkids to have at least two kids by a mate of his choosing.


Did you see on the response form portion the part asking the women he handed the card to IN PERSON to fill them out a little differently? Now, tell me ladies, is it just me or wouldn’t you be supremely, extremely, overwhelmingly icked and ucked out if that man handed you a card outlining this proposal?

I have to hand it to this guy. In a world so set by certain tunnel thinking, he proves he is not afraid to think outside the herd.

If only he looked more like this and had Bill Gates’ money.

That photo of him makes him look like this guy’s seperated at birth slightly deranged brother.


I missed The Basic Plan page.

Run, run, run…

I just submitted this to Fark. Maybe after 10k submissions it will make it in.

I just bet you do, sparky.

So. Who’s clicked on the Erotica link? Does he look like a small, frightened mammal or what?

And should our new friend end up with a daughter, I betcha he’s already got someone in mind.


Holy shit. That is one of the ugliest mofo’s I have seen in a long time. What a freak. I really don’t think we want this guy adding to the gene pool. What I also want to know is, how does this guy think he is going to pay for all these kids? He has a lawn care business, doesn’t seem like he makes too much money.

How fricking weird.

wow. he had me hooked at “playing parlor games” and the Scottish Dancing. How could any woman pass up a life time of parlor games and scottish dancing?

His face looks like they accelerated Tim Allen to a significant portion of the speed of light…