Any posters here?

I heard about the board and thought I would check it out.

But it’s apparently not browsing friendly. You can’t just look around and see what people are posting. It appears you have to register in order to even see what the forums are and then submit an initiation post which has to be reviewed and approved before you’re allowed to read the posts. And areas are shut off unless you subscribe, with different levels of subscriptions.

Now I’ll play along to a certain extent. I’m willing to go through the initiation posting process (which is free). But is that going to work? Or will I just run into the next wall and be told I need to pay before seeing if they have any content worth paying for? (I’m not ruling out the possibility of subscribing - I subscribe here after all. But I’d hate to pay my money and find out I’ve joined the equivalent of 4chan.)

Anyone post there and able to tell me what it’s like?

Screw that. Never been to Offtopic. I did however try to join a similar board that made you jump through all sorts of hoops like that.

For some strange reason I did it. Only to find out the the Mods on the board had an overly sense of self importance. The posters themselves were very cliquey and pretty much would not even acknowledge my existence even if my pants were on fire.

Never again.

I’ll only go so far as to create an account and wait on authorization to read a board: and, even then, only if I have a clue what they generally talk about–like on a web comic forum or something.

Truthfully, I don’t really like doing even that, but it’s an effective way to fight spam if you don’t have a lot of moderators.