Any other Wii game worthy of my time?

I had to get the Wii because I like others have to play the latest Zelda game. And it’s definately a 10/10 game and worth the price of the Wii alone. But I’m almost done with it and am wondering what game I should get next.
I’ve checked out reviews on what’s out there but nothing seems too impressive. Warioware got good reviews but I’m pretty much playing this thing solo and it seems somewhat a kids game.
So are there any other Wii games out there worthy of my time? Or do I just sit and wait for SuperMario Galaxy?
I want the next “fabulous” game. Not the “it’s pretty good” game.

Well, Zelda is the only one I’ve played so far that I would place in the “fabulous” category. (And I’m waiting anxiously for Mario Galaxy, too.) One game that is surprisingly fun, though, is Rayman Raving Rabbids. It’s basically just a series of mini-games, but it can be pretty entertaining.

No new games have really caught my eye lately. Because of this, I’ve been taking advantage of the Virtual Console (F-Zero). It doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re going after with this thread, though. :slight_smile:


Well, you could play Twilight Princess on the Gamecube.

The other “killer” game is Warioware for the Wii. It uses the motion control quite well.

Paper Mario is out next week and has been getting quite good previews, as in here.

I’m having a lot of fun with Tiger Woods. Probably my favorite game so far. Looking forward to more “serious” sports games.

That Warioware game is crazy fun, but I’ve only played it with someone else while slightly inebriated. Besides that I’ve only played WiiSports which is also more fun with other people.

I’ve played Trauma Center: Second Opinion and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and I love both. My husband was telling his boss about TC: SO, and so she had to run out and get it herself. She’s loving it, too.

WarioWare is a blast, and my household is nothing but overeducated 31-year-olds. It’s extremely goofy, though, and you have to play through a lot of single-player action to get to the multi-player.

Super Paper Mario is supposed to be awesome. I’m very disappointed in the new Sonic the Hedgehog–the idea is great, and it’s one of the prettiest games out there, but the execution just doesn’t cut it.

Nothing beats Zelda, though.

Another vote for WarioWare; it’s not a “kids” game. It’s a ton of incredibly funny and weird minigames with a very heady presentation. Total blast.

I’ll throw in another recommendation for Trauma Center. It is one of just a few games that can actually get my heart pounding. In a few scenarios you have ten minutes to perform 5 surgeries. I finished with 3 seconds left :eek: . It can also be had on Amazon for ~$10 off.

I’m working my way through Sonic and the Secret Rings, and I love it. It’s flat-out a gorgeous game, and I’m finding it pretty challenging.

Another vote here for WarioWare too. Very fun, especially with the multiplayer games. We had a blast with it at our birthday party this year.

We have Warioware, and it’s a great party game (once everybody understands the different forms), but once you clear all of the challenges once and unlock the multiplayer stuff, then single player just becomes “do the same challenges, but they’re more difficult.” I played it pretty solidly for a week, and haven’t played it since, unless we have people over and want to laugh. It’s better slightly inebriated.

A game that El Perro Fumando and I are both enjoying is Sonic and the Secret Rings. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and gives a good illusion of speed. As you advance in the game and unlock new skills, it becomes quite a challenge to choose which skill combinations will be best for a level. I personally like it better than some of the classic Sonic games (sacrilege!).

Here’s our list of owned games so far, and my rating out of 10:
Sports (duh) - 9/10. I can always go back to this one, and there is plenty of replayability. Especially in bowling (I rolled a 277 today, still trying for that 300).
Sonic and the Secret Rings - 8/10. Fun and compelling. You can play a level fairly quickly, or sit for a while with multiple levels. It has multiplayer games similar to Warioware’s, but with a decidedly different feel. Unfortunately, the soundtrack sucks.
Warioware - 7/10. It’s quirky and crazy and fun, but not really very deep.
Madden 07 - 7/10. The Wii controls add a good bit to the game, making some actions more intuitive, but it’s not all that different from other platforms.
Rampage - 4/10. While fun and stress-relieving to bash up buildings, the Wii controls were rushed and jammed into a port of the 'cube version, and it’s just weak (but it was only $30, and a gift, besides).

While part of me wants to get into Zelda, I’m afraid I just don’t have the time to commit. I’ve had FFXII on PS2 since Christmas, and I’ve less than ten hours to sit down and dedicate to serious sessions on that.

Personally, I’m waiting on Paper Mario (soon!), Super Smash Bros Brawl (eventually), and Boogie, which just looks silly and fun.

I have to say that Excite Truck is an amazingly fun game. I also thought Rayman Raving Rabbids was a lot of fun, even in the single player mode.

Also check out Godfather: Blackhand Edition if you haven’t already. It is pretty much a GTA clone set in the Corleone universe. The remote and nun chuck act as your hands and sometimes as a weapon or two. It’ll be easiest to see in the ‘gameplay’ trailer on this page .

Also, the USA Today seems to have a pretty favorable hands on.

I’m having fun with Godfather right now, too. Even though I’ve never seen the films, you don’t have to have seen them to enjoy the game- it’s fun being a mobster, taking over business by strangling or beating up shopkeepers, taking down rival families, and doing favors for the most famous Don in old New York. It’s extremely fun figuring out all of the excecution styles and which weapon is the best in a situation- at first- I thought the plug nose pistol, or “Ol’ Pluggy” as I call it, was the best for taking down rival mobsters, but in the heat of battle when taking over a warehouse, the Tommy gun is the closest thing the Depression has to a machine rifle- it’s fast and efficient. Other review sites have pointed out that the game may not be as fun if you’ve played the original on PS2 or PC. Also, if you’re not into violence or swearing, this game may be not for you- nobody bleeds, but there is a lot of gunplay. The mobsters swear like mobsters do- I think this is the first Nintendo game to have unbleeped "fuck"s. If you’re okay that, haven’t played an earlier incarnation, and want a fun GTA-style game set in a mob world even if you haven’t seen The Godfather, then this game may be an offer you can’t refuse.

OMG, that game looks awesome! :slight_smile:


Zelda’s great, Sports rocks.

Super Monkeyball is about a 5-6 out of 10

The rest of my money’s been spent on gamecube games and a wavebird.

I second this. Much deeper and more fun, IMHO, than WarioWare.

I second both Raving Rabbids and Excite Truck. On the other hand, the Toys R Us near me, and probably all of them, has Buy One Get One Free for Tony Hawk and Marvel Ultimate Alliance this week. Neither of them are bad games.

I’d be all over Godfather if I hadn’t already beaten it on the PC. It’s a great game.