Anybody else watch "Waking the Dead" (BBC series)?

I just stumbled across this series a few weeks ago, hidden away at 9:00 PM Saturday nights on a not-major PBS station, and after a few episodes I stopped doing other stuff while I was watching and just sat there mesmerized. After checking out the website, I discovered I had been lucky enough to come in on the first series.

I’m just wondering if anybody else here watches or has watched this series, and if it’s actually as good as I think it is or if my judgment has been skewed by its relatively respectful treatment of the female characters, both permanent and guest.

True, last Saturday’s episode ended with an act of monumental stupidity on the part of Dr. Grace Foley, i.e.,

coming home alone at night to find her house evidently burglarized, and not just getting the hell out and calling the police on her cell phone,but on the other hand, she’d been drinking, and heck, I’ve actually done the same thing. And if you ask me, Peter Boyd was pretty damn stupid in the last episode (“Life Sentence”) not to suspect the ex-fiance.Even I knew something was hinky about that guy.

From the website it appears that Mel Silver and Frankie Wharton eventually get replaced by more conventionally pretty female characters.I hope the series is still broadcasting in my area when that happens so I can find out if I still like it.

Anyway, I have just made a contribution to WYCC with a comment that it’s because they air this series. That’s how much this cheapskate likes “Waking the Dead.”