Anyone else working today?

I have to work Monday through Friday without exception, so I very rarely get any holidays off. The only excitement so far was a high-speed car chase at about 8:40 this morning going by my complex. A small coupe whizzing by at about 85 to 90 mph, soon followed by a couple of cars of Portland’s Finest. The sirens kept going until they faded out of earshot, so I don’t know how it all ended.
Then I got another cup of coffee.

Going in to work later this afternoon. A kidney tumor and an assortment of Paps await.

“Angels we have heard on high.” :musical_score: :musical_note: :notes:

On call. So far I’ve gotten a page for one ticket, something that I don’t have to go in for. I stlll had to log in and acknowledge the ticket, so it’s worth 30 minutes of double time and a half…easy money.

Yeah. I’m working. Head chef and chief bottle washer. I never get a holiday on a holiday. Everything is cooked. Though. Thats a blessing.

I thought the thread title was “Anyone else working out today?”
No, because the gym is closed. :frowning:

God. I wish these people with these incredibly cute kids would leave. Oh, wait that’s my grandkids.

I never work. I’m broken.

I live in Israel. Today was a regular work day. I’m so used to it now that I didn’t give it a second thought.

“Working out”? :confused:

Broken’s not a word I associate with you, Gato. More like ‘alternatively engaged’.

I’m working. As a Jew, I’m always asked to be available in case of emergencies on Christmas. As my wife’s birthday is just a few days later, it’s very handy, they let me have that day off in its place.

Wow… are you my Grandma. Sure, she died about 40 years ago but I remember clearly hearing her ask my Grandpa “have those people left yet?” Don’t worry… many years later I think it is funny.

Oh, the kids are great. They’ve all had too much fun, though. Sometimes I think we adults expect too much from kids on holidays. My son took his family home ( about 10 miles away) And my middle daughter left to take her boys to spend time at the other grandparents. The lil’wrekker’s asleep. All is peace and quiet now.

I’ve worked virtually every Christmas for the last 20 years. Today is no exception ;).

I’m not working today, we are vacationing. I’ve been really appreciative of the staff working last night and today to make our vacation possible.

I’m not usually an extravagant tipper, but have been extending myself these last 36 hours or so. And thanking the people who don’t get tips for working today.

So thank you to those who are working on Christmas. Whether in the ER, the 911 center or the mini-golf place. It’s all good and valuable work and makes a difference to someone.

To the OP: nope, today’s a day off and so is tomorrow. : Boxing Day. I’m not back to work until Thursday.
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Wife worked today. She was scheduled for yesterday afternoon also but traded to get it off. Old people at the home require 24/7 care. I last worked last Wed, I’m not due back until next Wed. Burning vacation before the end of the year.

I really am going blind. Could have sworn the thread title said “working out.”

Because of [boring info about schedules, PTO and stuff] I was able to get 18 days off in Dec/Jan with a minimal expenditure of vacation time. So I’m not going back till the second week of January.

Eldest kiddo worked Christmas day*, and the days around it. He gets a lot of time off in January though to make up for it.
*Trust me, y’all want him to work those days.