Anyone have Fitocracy invites?

Discovered on XKCD.

Anyone have an invite to share?

Sure…PM me your e-mail.

I saw it the same place - do you have more than one, Hal?

Got 10. Anyone interested, just PM me.

(Maybe it’ll inspire me to use it more)

The four of you who PM’d me, check your e-mail – invite is on the way.


PMed you- thank you in advance! ^^

Yup, peem sent!

This looks like something right up our geeky ally. Would someone have an invite available for a long time lurker?

Ok, all set – invites sent. Good luck, all!

Received! Thanks, Hal.

Found mine in my junk mail, FYI if anybody else’s hasn’t turned up.

Do you have any left?

Can we start a SDMB group?

Created. Search for “Straight Dopers” and add yourself.

IGNORE ABOVE POST. Something wrong with that group’s settings… unable to edit them or add folks.

Let’s try this again. New group up called “Followers of Cecil”. You should be able to add yourself.

If anyone has an invite left, I’d, um. . .I’d like an invite. My email’s in my profile. I’m pretty much too shy to actually PM. I know. I suck. :slight_smile:

Done, invite in the mail.

Holy crap, I knew that yoga class yesterday was brutal but I had no idea it was going to be a points bonanza! (On the other hand, my everything hurts.)

Ooh, that looks like just the sort of thing I need to get off my butt and start exercising! Anybody got an invite? Email in profile. Thanks!