Anyone recall this classified ad from the Times?

OK. This going to be convoluted.

In this thread about truly great threads, **Zeldar **posted a reply about Thread titles that will have 0 replies and 0 views, in which **Wargamer **suggested this:’ Anyone recall this classified ad from the August 27th New York Times?’

I’m going to test this out for real.

The London Times had, from its inception in 1785, only classified ads on its front page. In 1966 they decided to join the real world, and put news on the front page.

Also in 1966, Jonathon Miller made the best adaptionof Alice In Wonderland for the BBC. Despite being in black and white (due to costs) it is truly psychedelic. On May 3rd 1966, the last day the Times had ads on its front page, Jonathon Miller placed an ad for a very long corridor that a rabbit might be able to fall down.

So, does anyone remember that ad?

And will this thread achieve zero responses and views?

Sorry to ruin it for you. I viewed your message. :frowning:

And then I posted. :frowning:

Same here, and I can’t add to the knowledge of the OP’s chief topic.

Thanks for mentioning the Great Threads thread. The response has been more than satisfactory!

Come on, surely you lot can do better than this. 2 replies and 77 views. I’m not going to win any fewest views and posts competition now. :mad:

Unview this thread. And don’t you dare post anything.

Don’t feel rained on. One I started a while back on Troglodytes has had 101 people pass by on the other side. Now don’t you go pissing on a perfectly useless thread, you hear? Just to keep the 0 replies thing from applying.

I bow down before a master. My eyes were glazing over (at least they would have been if I hadn’t been going cross-eyed at the font changes). :cool:

Actually I can beat you: I posted this which had 0 responses and 22 views. To be honest, I don’t think *I *would have bothered responding to it.

Yes. You win. I won’t spoil that one for you. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi to that one the practically dares somebody to respond.

Maybe you could pick another more obscure topic and get a less beckoning title and make your first few sentences so bland that not even a mouseover would draw others in. That would put you on the road to stardom in this small but devoutly-to-be-wished category.

One problem you might have getting responses is that you got your details wrong. :slight_smile:

The last day on which classified ads graced the front page of the London Times was May 2, 1966. May 3 was the first day that the front page was devoted to news.

Here is an image of the May 2 front page. Jonathan Miller’s ad is in the third column, not far from the top.

Wow. That’s all I can say.

Well, it’s not because, I’m going to say ‘Only on the Straight Dope’. That really takes me back. Thanks for the link.

Oh - and you bastard. That’s another post. :slight_smile: I can see why **Wargamer **doesn’t post here any more. His suggestions are hopeless.

ETA: I’ve just done a search, and he/she is still posting. My bad. But Wargamer, I want to have a word with you…

You are too modest. It’s such a fascinating review that I am preparing a suitable reply as we speak.

This will have the side benefit of propelling my unspecified 0 responses and 25 views thread even further down the slippery slope that leads to inglorious success in this most challenging of endeavours.

No problem.

On the main subject of the thread, my best effort so far was this thread:

Judges declares mistrial, overturns verdict in file-sharing case

0 replies

You’ve caused me to go read it again, (well, for the first time actually), and it is some captivating prose after all.

Must we go looking for your 0/25 marvel? Shouldn’t be all that hard to find, once one bites the lip and accepts that the quest will eat up 5 minutes of search time.

Ptcha. A mere beginner.

And to make it even worse, that is an interesting post, which I fully intend to reply to. (If you have no objection, of course.)


In fact, you’re all bastards. My viewing count for ‘Love Is Noise’ is now over 50. I’m out for the count. :mad:

Thanks. I have no objection at all, although it’s over 5 months old now, so might qualify as a zombie thread.

I was actually quite surprised that it go no response, especially considering how many discussions we’ve had about file sharing and copyright infringement here. This was an important court decision in one of the most significant and well-publicized intellectual property and copyright cases of the last decade, and i couldn’t get a single reply!

Tell you what. Let’s discuss it here.

Only joking.

Let’s just pray it doesn’t get locked when its only reply comes as a zombie resurrection. Irony!

Talk about Kiss of Death!

It might be worth the searches to locate 0 Replies threads over a year old and drive a stake through their hearts by replying to them.

The oldest 0 Replies thread in the 30 pages of look-back for my username is Move a letter, make a new word – game from 04-13-2007, 08:32 AM in MPSIMS which had 34 views and obviously wasn’t the cup of tea for the time.

If anybody would like to take ownership of the OP and repost it in the Game Room, which wasn’t available at the time, you have my blessings. But I have learned my lesson about reviving zombies in MPSIMS.

I can’t find it, but my request along the lines of “Anyone ever been to Guadeloupe?” got 10 views and 0 replies. I may win.