Anyone recognise this emoticon?


Just found out I can’t Google it.

It’s a dude smoking. You can see the right-hand side of the eñe(the vertical bar under the equal sign eyes) is the upper lip, the whitespace is the cigarette sticking out of the lips, and the remainder of the eñe is the lower lip and chin. The tilde is smoke.

Actually I just made all of that up, but if asked to interpret that emoticon, I’d say it looks like it to me.


OK, be honest - I want a show of hands of people who read Mtgman’s post and scrolled back up, tilted your head left and right and squinted, trying to see his interpretation, and THEN read the part about it being made up?:slight_smile:

::raises hand::

That’s just silly, Steven. It’s obviously a duck with a hat on.

I tried five times to see “the dude smoking”. It’s a slow evening in the Sali household.

I hope someone recognizes it. This is the kind of thing that I end up pondering for an inordinately long time.

Looks like a steaming cup of coffee to me. Maybe I need some coffee.

Are you sure it’s a capital N? The emoticon’s I’ve seen so far feature a small ñ.

I think it looks like a dog. Just sayin’.

Definitely a capital N. My girlfriend’s used it three times this week on Gchat, but she’s out in the jungle with a flaky connection and I don’t want to waste bandwidth on asking her what it means.

Maybe she didn’t mean to type that then. I always have trouble with foreign keyboards and end up typing weird things if I try to use symbols in chat. Is she in a Spanish speaking country?

Obviously, she was about to tell you the median turning number of various paths through the jungle. She must have gotten cut off.

Yes indeed she is. Good point.

Spanish speaking country?

Maybe a doper with a Spanish keyboard layout can help us, or we can do some detective work.

Sorry for the double post, but I think this clears things up:

British keyboard

Latin American keyboard

Seems like she was just going for a regular smiley.

That’s why I love this place …


The thing is you can’t google an = sign.

alt+164 gives you ñ
alt+165 gives you Ñ

If you google this you can get a lot of results. The odd thing is the = is after the Ñ seems like it would before it, as in

and not Ñ=

I was thinking the Ñ might be an abbreviation for something and the = means well equal, so it’s an equation not an emoticon

Here’s the Wikipedia artice for Ñ

So, it’s NOT a duck with a hat on? Hunh.

Woah, I’m reporting this to get a NSFW tag added. I can’t believe nobody else has seen noticed this.

NSFW? Is this the tag the Taliban is using for the “go ahead” for the next terror attack? :smiley: