Anyone remember the TV show "PHOTON?"

Here’s something for anyone who is in their mid-twenties and was into science fiction as a child. Does anyone remember the television show “Photon?” It was based on the series of novels by David Peters, which in turn was based on the game. Anyone know where to get copies of the show? (Trying to get it through DIC is useless.) Was I the only one who thought that Tivia was HOT?

(This topic, of course, can deteriorate into a discussion about Tivia, if there are any other genuinely odd people who remember the reference.) :slight_smile:

i remember the show.
you’re not alone on the tivia thing, though! :eek:

Never heard of this show. And by golly, it’s a weird looking thing.

GuanoLad–you’ve made me extremely happy. I haven’t been able to find pictures from the show for YEARS. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Can’t deny my selfish approach to it - anyone mentions a babe from a past event or TV show, I look it up to check it out.

Case-in-point, you hear that LeeAnn Rimes is all growed up, ya gotta check her out. So I do, and holy heckaroonie, she’s even more of a honeybabe now she’s not 14!!

I remember that show … and that game craze. Wasn’t there a show based around the competing Lazer Tag game, also?

The funniest thing about the pictures listed on the 8CA site is that you can almost imagine MOM really being a Tandy TRS-80 with a three color monitor…

Looks like that Pike character was a real shithead.