Aqua Teen Hunger Force--Que?

Aqua Teen Hunger Force --I keep getting e-mails about it from comics dealers.

What is it, exactly? :confused:

Here’s a good article about it from Wikipedia.

Do you have the cable TV, Bosda? If you do, tune into the Cartoon Network at 11 PM (M’boro time) this evening. Then get back to us in re: your reaction.

Good luck.

Must-See-TV :smiley:

It took me quite awhile to warm to it, but I have to see it now. I love Carl.

As Master Shake said, “Now that I’ve seen that on TV, that is the shiz-NITE!!”

Ummm…I godda go to work at 4:30 AM.

I’ll set the TCR to record this, and Sealab 2021.

I meant “VCR”. :o

Perhaps this review by funkdiggityfresh


will help

If he turns in at 11, he’ll see Family Guy. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is on at 12:00 and 12:15.

Ah, no. See in Murfreesboro, ATHF comes on at 11. It has to do with warped space time and “Time Zones.” It all gets very crazy.

I saw it.

Not as funny as South Park, and animation just as bad. No worse, 'cause the kids have arms & legs. :rolleyes:

You expected a ball of meat to have arms and legs?

I expect the show to not suck.

I don’t know if I’d say it sucks, but I don’t quite get the appeal of the show, either. To me it just seems like they went too far with the “random == funny” idea.

The only bits that have made me laugh have been the ones with the Mooninites (sp?), which are brilliant. I caught a bit of one not too long ago, where a couple of aliens were having a conversation in a spaceship and stopped suddenly when one of them said, “Did you see that? I’m going to kick that guy’s ass!” It cut to another spaceship, where one of the Mooninites was giving the finger out the window. “Did they see it?” “Indeed.” Comedy gold.

But people whose opinions I usually trust seem to love it. And I really like most of the stuff on Adult Swim.

I’ll stick with Sealab: 2021.

Count me in as one more unimpressed person (and I’m also in the “target audience” for Adult Swim). I gave all those cartoons several chances, but aside from Harvey Birdman (which only appeals to me as a lawyer, not as a superhero fan), I don’t think any of them are that good or that funny. The animation is generally terrible, but I can forgive South Park for less-than-stellar animation. I especially don’t get the cultlike followings Aqua Teen and Sealab have. I don’t mean to sound like a dick, but I really did watch them several times before coming to this conclusion.

And yet I still think South Park has touches of genius, eight seasons later.

Actually, it took me MONTHS (probably even close to a year) until I finally warmed to it. I don’t know why.

I think it was the Mooninites episodes that got me hooked.

I don’t know if this is really a relevant criticism. And the animation is bland, but it’s not nearly as ugly as South Park’s anyway.

It all comes down to what styles you like and don’t like, really.


I think it’s funny as hell.

It’s one of those shows that appeals to a particularly screwed up sense of humor. Either you have it and love it, or don’t and hate it. I love unpredictable random senseless humor, and so the show works for me.

Plus, the voice characterizations on the show are excellent. That’s mostly what makes the show–the great readings. Master Shake, especially. The guy is such an unrepentant asshole, I love it! And the sheer unpredictibility of the show makes it fun.

But hey, I’m not surprised many people hate it.