Archer Question

First, Archer Season 4 is now available on Netflix. Yay!

I have a question about the Season 1, Episode 9. Barry walks in on Archer while Archer is, uh, enjoying Barry’s fiancee Framboise from behind. This is right around 10 minutes and 50 seconds in. The camera shows Archer with Framboise leaning over a chair. On the chair is something – on the Netflix version, that something is blurred out. What could that be? Given the scene, what could they possibly be blurring?


I just checked the digital copy of the episode I have access to (a friend’s Plex media server) and it is blurred out on that too, so it’s not the doing of Netflix.

Looks like it’s probably a dildo.

IIRC it’s a purple dildo. A lighter shade than aubergine.

That was my guess, but I thought they showed a dildo in another episode, maybe Mallory’s? I can’t believe that had to blur that out, though, considering what they actually show in that show.

I’m loving season 4 so far, better than season 3, IMO.

Thanks, all.

Mallory’s toy is not seen. Just heard.

(A) Holy shitsnacks, the censors have some strange rules, and
(B) Uh, I can’t remember what B was.

It was digitally blurred on the original broadcast on FX HD. Netflix is showing the original. It was very likely blurred as a joke rather than censorship. It does sort of up the seediness in a really obvious way.

You’re probably right. Thanks for tracking down (posting yourself?) the screen capture!

Also yes.

No problemo, German Kit Kat.