I’ve just got to make a few comments here, now you GUYS and, especially, you gals, listen up!

I listen to talk radio and I read many different articles plus I am on many different message boards from time to time. (I avoid chat rooms because the ‘kidz’ become pain in the asses.) Plus, I correspond with a lot of people via e-mail. Topics concerning women and men in sex have come up time and time again and GUYS, most girls figure the male part of the biological sexual couplet is selfish.

So, I’ve had to write out what a GOOD man sees when having sexual congress with a woman. NOTICE, I stated GOOD MAN, because I am fully aware of the guys (and gals), who hump away with their main fixation only between their legs. (Not that there is anything wrong with that now and then.)

So, for all of you women who figure guys are ONLY turned on by tits and ass, please read on. I will keep this very clean as it is not intended to be an erotic or ‘smutty’ post.

I’ve C&P’d an e-mail to a lady caller who complained about guys on the 92.7 WZZR talk show, the ‘Lunch Hour’. (You can listen from the web.)

Subj: Doggie style – from zzr??
Date: 11/23/99
To: zzrjill(CENSORED)

(In ref. to her comment about ‘doggie style’.)
Well, lets try to explain it somewhat seriously aside from the Lunch Hour.

Quite a few guys – and I’m one – get a different sensation when doing it that way. Plus, they get a different view of the female form, along with the impact of the cheeks along their upper groin.

There is something both pleasant and stimulating about the gentle swell of a woman’s hips, followed by the narrow waist and curving into the wider shoulders, when viewed from that position. Plus, he has the ability to touch the woman’s thighs and enjoy that sensation as well. When the woman has long hair, he gets to enjoy the cascade of it visually across her head and down along her shoulders. If she raises her head, it adds to the visual stimulation and if she turns it, he gets to admire the soft lines of her face.

He can hold her by the ‘ass’ and feel the firm/soft sensation of the underlying muscles and ‘pull’ her into him, which combines a great many sensations. Plus, he can hold her by the waist, just above the flare of the hips and enjoy touching the always strong muscles there.

It is awkward for a man to reach under and fool with the ‘joy buzzer’ but a good man will do it frequently for the woman in such a position. Plus, the doggie style position INCREASES the tightness of the woman and, for a tall man, stimulation often is applied more to the top of his member. (If SIZE counts for the woman, and he is not MASSIVE, it increases the pleasure for her also.)

Men are very visual. Many of us enjoy various aspects of the female form in different positions. Many of us enjoy not only the front but looking at a woman’s back. (Like when she is on top and facing his feet) He sees the shoulders, the width of the torso, the smoothness of the skin, sometimes the slight bulge of the breasts, followed by the gentle and attractive swell of the hips and buttocks and the smooth curves of the thighs.

Facial splooging. Ummm, I don’t know of many guys who actually like to do that, nor many who like to do it out of the two or three available openings. I hear a lot about it and, of course, it just has to be in porn pix.

I forgot to mention a few other things concerning guys and sex.

Good guys, and not those just interested in dumping their load as fast as possible, watch for many things in their partner. Especially the face, if they are on the bottom. They’ll notice if the woman is slightly smiling, if her eyes are closed and how her hair falls around her face, even if the hair is back lit by some soft room lighting. "Big or puffy’ hair can hang around a woman’s face like an ethereal halo, shining, sparkling and accenting her looks tremendously. (The woman who takes extra time to do her hair before sex, in my book, is a real PLUS!)

The closer they get to orgasm, the more radiant the woman will look. Most guys will not consciously realize this and the more they like or care for the woman, the more powerful that ‘glow’ gets. They will also notice the way the breasts hang and swing, the set to the woman’s shoulders, the curve along her sides to the swelling of the hips and down to the shape and form of the thighs and legs. Especially the ass. Even the feet - how they are positioned and what they look like. They will notice the flatness or softness of the abdomen, the smoothness and texture of the skin and even the way the muscles flex. They will even notice, subconsciously, painted toenails.

(A lot of this kinda goes by the wayside if they are thoroughly crocked.)

You’ll find that less than handsome men have a tendency to appreciate the visual and tactile aspects to sex with a woman more than guys who are ‘hunks’ because they don’t get laid as often and a guy who is single and gets it when he wants it tends to be jaded. (The same with beautiful women who have no problem in getting men.)

A man notices the scent and smell of a woman, her hair wash, her perfume and even the soap she used to bath with. A good perfume can linger in his hindbrain long after the act is over. (The scent of herbal essence green apples shampoo STILL reminds me of a girl I knew over 20 years ago.)

A man is very tactile during sex, though he might not know it. The softness of a woman’s skin is a turn on. Especially the flat of the stomach, the firmness of the waist, the inner parts of the thighs and the curve of the buttocks. He can even tell the texture of, well ‘IN THERE’ – you know (mainly digitally). Some women are smooth, some are sorta coarse, some are ‘slightly bumpy’ and some are a combination. (Didn’t know that did ya?)

He can even tell how ‘hot’ you are in there. If you pass out, believe it or not, you’ll stay wet, but cool off considerably. (NOT that some guys often mind a whole bunch.)

A good man will note the texture of your hair, the scent of whatever you washed it with, feel the curve and line of your skull and the density of the muscles of your neck there. He will very powerfully note the softness and lines of your cheeks, the curve and shape of your lips, even the shape and feel of your EARS as well as the lines of your eyebrows. (Women, it was reported in a journal of medicine some time ago, actually have small glands around their lips which produce a chemical that the man absorbs during a kiss. This stuff is apparently mildly narcotic and encourages him to want more. I have not been able to follow up on further reports of this phoneme to verify.)

Have him lightly stroke the UNDERSIDES of your breasts, the lines of your jaw and behind your ears. If he has fresh breath, kissing the eyes is nice. He can also TASTE your mouth and feel your lips when kissing. He can even tell the smoothness of your teeth. The under sides of your forearms can be lightly caressed with his nails also for a treat.

Also the insides of the thighs.

Also, not ALL guys like the ‘natural scent’ down there, so a scented douche or some lightly applied perfume can work wonders.

Now, go practice.

(NOTE! For those of you who figure I was ‘fishing’ for a date, the lady this was sent to lives too far away from me to make it easily possible.)

“Think of it as Evolution in action.”

is there a question here?

the topic is a direct question, but the post describes a certain style in detail, and I didn’t see any connection to the question.

Honestly, this sounds like a Great Debate to me. Moderator?

And, please, Mark, stop shouting. My ears hurt.

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Personally, I think most men are more into “it” then women give them credit for.

The guy I am dating is a “horn dog” but I don’t mind that one bit. I notice little things that he does that turns him on even more. However I must state, if a woman just lays there and doesn’t participate, a guy will do what he can to get off.

So to my fellow female counterparts, get into it with him and he will like it all the more and so will you.

I am a “horn dog” too, but I remember little comments he makes about my scent, my hair, my back, even my butt (which what women likes her butt < giggle > ) I like it when he asks if I like it, and I look at him in that one way that so much says “Yes”.

Not all guys are uncaring and only think of themselves.

Just my thoughts

Are all guys selfish buggers during sex? No.

Is THIS guy a selfish bugger? Hell yeah. It sounds like he is mainly turned on by artificial, external stuff. I think it’s outrageous to expect a woman to do her hair before you have sex; it takes a lot of time and trouble and it’s only going to get messed up if you have any fun at all. As for vaginal perfumes and scented douches, they mess with the natural balance of a woman’s body and can lead to infections. If his finicky little nose is too sensitive to appreciate women as God made them, maybe he should get a blow-up doll.

I haven’t lost my virginity. I remember exactly where I left it.

When I look at the signature in the OP (evolution in action), I can’t help but think that the poster is a perfect candidate for siring a child via Ron’s Angels.

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I have to agree with Fretful, douching is not a recommended practice for women. There is a reason our body does what it does. If a man can’t handle it, there are two possibilities, he’s a wuss or she needs to see a doctor.

However, I do stand on the fact that most men are not completely into themselves when rolling in the hay. I see it and hear it…'sides, if a woman is so concerned with the act of making love, or pure fucking, then she needs to grow up and learn what it can be. (no need for modesty while having sex…it doesn’t work that way)

“zzrjill” sounds like a slavering degenerate obsessed with sex who always types in the nude.

Opps, not zzrjill - MarkSerlin himself.

“If you pass out, believe it or not, you’ll stay wet, but cool off considerably. (NOT that some guys often mind a whole bunch.)”

That’s my favorite line. Nothing like f*cking an unconscious woman! Woo hoo!

They didn’t pass out Mark, they fell asleep.

Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

The OP is a laugh riot.

Anyone care to tell me what this means?

Formerly unknown as “Melanie”

::Sniff, Sniff::

Smells like MPSIMS, and only mildly amusing at that.


Sorry–thought this was a thread about buggery.

I think it’s obvious where this topic belongs, but I’ve already vented, so now the smartass rises to the top.

The woman who takes extra time to do her hair before sex, in my book, has a date afterwards, Sparky.

I can’t even comment on this one. Some jokes just tell themselves.

So fat people, by your previous logic, are the most visual and tactile people on the planet, huh, Mark?

Wash your pillowcases.

No, after an entire lifetime spent with their own vaginas, they probably don’t know there’s a texture to one.

You may cool off, but apparently Mark won’t.

Or, in a pinch, some of that hair spray you used above.

Yes, but we can’t fault you for trying, Mark.

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I think some of you posters find a flaw in every post, no matter what the message.

I love it when my current girl ‘fluffs’ her hair up before sex from time to time. All she does is kinda ‘pouf’ it up a bit and she adds a little make-up and it makes me feel real special because she is thoughtful enough to do that for ME! You got a problem with that?

There are often times when she doesn’t do it, because, well, we’re kinda too busy getting steamed up, but when she can, she does. I also know what type of cologne she likes me to wear and I always carry a little bottle of it with me in my pocket to refresh myself FOR HER! Because I care about her and I know what she likes. You gotta problem with THAT TOO? Out of respect for her, I daub a little bit ‘down there’ no matter how clean I am.

And, I’m damn glad MarkSerlin brought it up, but I absolutely hate the natural scent. Even if they are real clean, to me it smells like rotting meat or fish and that turns me off. Some girls have gotten pissed off when I’ve told them why I won’t go down there and others have shrugged and applied some light perfume. SO WHAT? YOU like going down on a guy who smells like piss and skidmarks?

I believe his whole post was to tell women what MEN SEE AND FEEL during sex with a woman, NOT that all they are concerned about is getting their rocks off and using her like a masturbation orifice. I suppose you got a problem with that too? I know a lotta guys who brag about how they got some girl drunk, boffed her brains out and split, having gotten their rocks off and went out and found someone else. Then I hear from women how guys aren’t sensitive enough in sex. So, here’s a post that kinda disputes that and you gotta be a shit over it.

Right FLYPSIDE? Go back to your Black and Decker ‘play toy’ with the industrial vibrating tip.

I once had this real smart girl, who was going to be a shrink. We had fun and she kept telling me to ‘open up and express my feelings’, well when I did, suddenly she lost interest. In my experience, if a guy gets too ‘sensitive,’ the girl splits for some redneck who’s main conversation is ‘ya wanna fuck?’ and ‘Gimmee another beer.’

I still recall the perfume a great girlfriend of mine used to wear ages ago – Jovan Lit Musk – and I think about her when I pass some woman wearing the same stuff. Hell, she’s been in OHIO for over 10 years, but I was really attached to her and walking through some club or in some department store, if I catch a whiff of that perfume, I can instantly picture her again. Maybe your ‘natural’ scent makes some guy think of you when he’s cutting up bait for fishing.

Douching is NOT the only alternative. I believe he mentions daubing on a little perfume. Wussy? I guess I’m one and I’m not a small man. Why do you think guys crack all of those foul jokes about ‘stench trench’ and ‘fish lips’ about some girls?

Besides, if a woman takes some extra time for ME to look and be nice before sex, I respond the same way for her. Her doing that makes me feel real special because it shows that she cares. Plus, a woman looks like nothing you can imagine when a guy is in love and she’s on top and her hair is all fluffed out, shining and framing her face like a colored cloud. Especially if there’s a candle or two burning somewhere behind her or a black light.

The Night Watch always knows things.

Yeah, except for what sex the person he’s flaming is.

Listen, sonny jim. I don’t give a flying fuck if your girlfriend sings the score to South Pacific before she screws you.

Honestly, I don’t have a real problem with what’s said in this post. If this guy flips out over this stuff, great. Glad he got his trigger tripped.
If you had read the first sentence of my post, you would understand that GENERAL QUESTIONS IS NOT WHERE IT BELONGS. Had this shown up in MPSIMS, I would most likely left it alone. In here, however, I’m going to belittle it as much as I see fit, because a) I’m smartass that way, b) IT DOESN’T BELONG HERE, and c) there’s no question. All this guy’s doing is affirming his own superiority over all us “other” (which I assume means bottom-feeding, mouth-breathing, nut-scratching, ass-picking,and beer-guzzling) men. So kindly get off my ass.

“Bodie, I noticed you stopped stuttering.”
“I’ve been giving myself shock treatments.”
“Up the voltage.”
-Real Genius

“Guys” do. MEN don’t. Grow up.

This whole thing confuses me.

Sex is a spiritual thing for me and (I do my best so it is also for) my partner. Even the one-nighters I’ve had, I’ve had them because there was some spark and it was bright enough to light up a single night.

There are no “rules” when it comes to sex. Anyone who feels the need to lay down rules are obviously either too hung up on details, or they’re probably too immature to be having sex in the first place. It’s a responsibility even if your view of it is less cerebral than mine, you know.

And frankly, I could care less about poofy hair. Some of the most intimite moments I’ve had involved being woken up by my partner mounted on top of me. Our hair is both a mess. Morning breath for both of us. But taking those five minutes to “freshen up” would take away the spontenaity of the moment, and that’s another great thing about sex. Spontenaity is what keeps people happily monogamous for a lifetime.

As for a woman’s freshness, here’s what you guys should do who have had some nasty moments: Jerk off into a condom. Tie the end up and leave it out for a few days. Then smell it. It will smell very familiar.

Yes, that “smell” that children like to mock women for having is all the fault of your splooge, gentlemen. It shouldn’t be there anyway as the healthy vagina cleans itself, but assuming your woman is healthy, she’s probably not staying with you exclusively, if you catch my drift.

And let me tell you, the best thing about sex IS to taste and smell my partner. As I lay between her legs, I feel as if i am worshiping at the alter of her soul. Any man who does not enjoy this very affirming act may not be a wussy, but is definitely insensitive at best (since most women cannot cum from penetration no matter how big your cock is), and at worst, well, you’re missing out big time on one of th best things in life.

Sex is a microcosm of everything else in a relationship. Trust. Compromise. Being giving of yourself and willing to be given to.

But there are no rules. Anyone who feels the need to make them is as best not going to get the most out of it, and at worst, a fucking coward.

Yer pal,

Scratch that. Upon reflection, I most certainly do have a problem with this post. He’s not selfish, huh? Take a quick look through the post and see what he actually does for the woman.

Yeah, that’s right. Very little. He talks about all he notices, which include:
-poofy hair
-shampoo scent
-vaginal odor
-painted toenails (my personal favorite, btw)
-some odd narcotic on her lips
-what his girlfriend’s vagina temperature is after she falls asleep/passes out
-vaginal texture
-and, last but not least, the tighter feeling of doing it doggie style.

About the only giving I see this guy doing is giving a reach-around to hit his girlfriend’s “joy-buzzer” (which, apparently, is easier to type and understand than clit). Mark’s a feminist’s dream man; get Gloria Steinem on the phone.

I think I’ve rerouted this thread to the Pit, now, even though I firmly stand by my original position that it should have been in MPSIMS.

“Bodie, I noticed you stopped stuttering.”
“I’ve been giving myself shock treatments.”
“Up the voltage.”
-Real Genius