are there any wankers out there

are you like me ? does miss right (or left) come on a visit once and a while ? (maybe every day??)

I haven’t any woman at the moment!

Are there anyone in the “same boat” as I here ?

If you’re a wanker or a tosser, you must be Irish? No? Brittish? Please, tell me now!


At least one, apparently…

I’m not ashamed to admit it. Occasionally, I like to spend a little time with Rosie Palmer and her five sisters. Or, another one here in Michigan, is Miss Michigan (since Michigan is shaped kinda like a hand). I’m single too, and sometimes ya just gotta relieve a little tension.:smiley:

What? Are me and POWER the only ones who can admit it? I know some of you others out there do the same thing? Come on, fess up!:wink:

Bull!!! I see all these views, and no replies. I swear I am not getting off my computer tonight until someone else admits that they masturbate!!! Stop being such wusses. :mad:

I do. But I’m wasted, so I don’t know if I count.

Wasted counts! Why the hell not? If you have sex with someone when you’re wasted, and get an STD, it still counts, so this should too. Sorry if I sound stupid, but I’m so tired, I’m starting to feel wasted. It’s been a long day.

I’m a fifteen year old guy who can’t get a girl.


Hey, Speaker for the Dead , I can relate. I’m a 17 year old guy who’s finally starting to get some girls interested in me. So I know exactly what you mean.

Finally, a kindred spirit!

MonsterM52 and Speaker for the Dead I know what you mean 'cause I’m a 16 year old guy.

There is nothing wrong with making a scene with a magazine.
It anit no sin to take off your skin and dance around in your bones ~

yep, im 16 and no girls are interested in me either. i guess i am im “in the same boat”

Hey you whippersnappers, I’m 27, and have a girlfriend, but I still like to acquaint myself with…myself…every chance I get.

It’s a necessary evil. I mean, women have one sex cell – two tops – to dispense with per month. We dudes churn out BILLIONS per day. Unfortunately for the ladies, their cells are cast out in a bloody mess, while ours come (NPI) in a handy-dandy little glob.

So wank on, mis amigos, and don’t be ashamed of your manstruation.

Good times, good times!


where the heck is SPOOFE? this is his kind of thread…

oh me? i’m in a similar boat as to Speaker, just replace “14” with “16”. it’s a three-a-day habit!

We are all wankers, and we know it!

Heh heh. The first thing I thought of when reading this is “Someone here went to WANK?” We used to have an underground rave party here a couple of years ago called WANK by the smartass British DJ who started it.

So, I used to be a Wanker, but now I’m just a girl who knows how to take care of business every once in a while. (And yes, I have a boyfriend, if that matters.):smiley:

i have a boyfriend but sometimes i need to practise some self -love if you know what i mean. me and my SO actually just finished picking out a vibrator for me :slight_smile:


You get your computer off? Isn’t that illegal? How? Do you scroll it’s mouse wheel slow then fast? Can you make it’s floppy drive hard?

Or what?


Fenris, who’s just learned about a whole new dimesion of computing!