"Are we still on for Vegas?" and other related questions.

First off, is the Vegas trip still a “go?” I was discussing it with Padeye last Saturday and he hasn’t heard anything about it for a while. I realize that techchick is taking a break from the board (I hope she makes the trip). Has anyone else taken it over or are the plans in limbo right now?

Second, assuming that the Vegas gathering is still a “go,” does anyone want to share a room with me and split the cost? I don’t snore (not according to my ex-girlfriend, anyway) and I’m not a complete slob.

Third. I realize this sounds stupid, but I’ll mention it anyway. If for any reason you’d rather fly to Phoenix and catch a ride to Vegas, let me know. Possible reasons for this may include: 1) Round-trip airfare from your city to Phoenix = $100; round-trip to Vegas = $500, 2) A masochistic desire to ride with Strainger in a pick-up truck across northwest Arizona, etc. I realize my email box will fill up on this one, but I can only carry one passenger.

The address given by clicking on my email icon seems to be working now, but just in case, you can also contact me at JTStrain@aol.com.



Her update…

Thanks, Falcon! I’ll email techchick to add my name to the list. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone! (everyone who’s going, anyway)