Are you doing anything out of the ordinary today?

I am doing a crossword puzzle from October 29th, 1955, the day I was born. My girlfriend printed it off microfilm for me. The cluing is slightly different, but overall it’s a nice straightforward puzzle. I have the whole page, with comics and other features. I remember some of the comics from my youth (Winnie Winkle, Joe Palooka) but most are new to me. The art is certainly different – darker and more heavily inked than most modern comics. The ads are fun – apparently they have this new machine that will wash your dirty dishes. Soon we’ll have flying cars!

Yes, I have to go to an ATM. Once a year or so, I have to rearrange funds, by getting ATM cash and depositing it locally. Several withdrawals because of daily limits. Otherwise, I never use ATM machines.

Voting. It’s not something I do every day.

I’m the featured speaker at a small lunch. Yikes.

No but yesterday I went to the funeral of a childhood friend’s brother, who was 25 and died of a heroin overdose 3 days after getting home from rehab (for pain pills).

I try not to do that too often.

I had a nice breakfast with a colleague this morning. Usually I have a smoothie and am feeling a little sleepy from my Eggs Benedict.

At this very moment, a new furnace and a new water heater are, very noisily, being installed in my house!

I’m eating a meatloaf sandwich…I know, I know, burning the candle at both ends.

I am making breadsticks.

I haven’t baked bread for about, oh 5-10 years now (used to do it regularly) and I’ve never done in the particular form of breadsticks. So far they look and smell fantastic and I think about 5 more minutes in the oven will do it.

Out-processing from my job of 34 years. Something you don’t do everyday.

My wife is picking me up directly after work and we’re driving to Chicago, where we’re spending the night. The dog is boarded and the kids are staying with the in-laws. We’ve got dinner reservations for someplace fancy at 7:45PM. We fly out to Salt Lake City early tomorrow morning for my brother’s wedding. I already miss my kids, but it’ll be nice to have some time with my wife.

I’m assuming you’re retiring? If so, congrats! Go murder some dandelions on the local golf course!

Going to be with my crochet group tonight, we meet in a local library.

I’m standing up for myself with my job and not letting others take advantage of my nature. It worked.

Neither is buying ear medicine for my dog, but I did both today.

I turned my heat back on , that is out of the ordinary to me having my heat on when it’s almost May ! t’s going to be 30 degrees tonight …

Going out for my job. Couple times a week tops.

I’m eating a couple of eggs today. First I’ve had since my heart surgery in 2012.

We’re depositing the money we got for this damned car I’ve been trying to sell that I swear has had a curse on the sale - we’ve been going around in circles since October or so. DONE. Finished. Complete. Now we can pay off a credit card and half our overdraft LOC, it’s a huge step up in our debt reduction plan.

I’ll be splitting OTC Zyrtec pills for the one K9. After 19 years of dog ownership, we just discovered the wonder (and terror) of “reverse sneezing.”