Today, I did THIS for me (Your Answers Requested)

So what did you do for yourself today? Big or small - I’d love to hear it!

Today, after months and months of not being on the straight dope for any meaningful amount of time, I started this thread. Yay me!

I kept myself from breaking inanimate objects.

Yay you! If the inanimate were animate, I’m sure they would thank you too :slight_smile:

I haven’t done anything for Me today, but depending on how many files I get completed by lunch time, I may consider asking the TL if I can flex off this PM and go home early to go play Half-Life 2

(yes, I’ve played it to completion before, I just started again recently)

I took a long hot shower when I didn’t need one just because I was a bit chilly.

Borrowed Series 2 of Doctor Who from the county library so when I get to the relaxing part of the night have something enjoyable to watch on the TV instead of the crap that’s broadcast.

I stopped a guy from pummeling his girlfriend in public today. I guess it was more for her benifit than my own, but I couldn’t live with myself but just standing by like the other men were doing in the area as I raced past them as they gawked. So yeah, I’ll be able to sleep well tonight.

Where’ve you been?

I booked a week long vacation. Vacation time approved and hotel booked. I’ll start haunting the airline sites over the next few days until I find the appropriate travel to get me there.

Good on you.

Me? I’ve been hanging in bed, NOT walking because my achilles tendon is rather angry at me.

And: Hi Melody! Nice to see you around again!

I took an hour and a half walk this afternoon. It was sunny and breezy and everything is green and it was nice and relaxing.

I went to the pool (warm, salt-water, indoor pool=so nice!) and exercised for an hour. I’m starting to swim laps-up to 10 laps now, 2 without stopping. Finally, an exercise that I enjoy!

And on Sunday, I got rid of a chunk of concrete and a pile of bricks that had been on my patio for 3 years.

Melody! I think of you every time I meet someone named Ron. :smiley:

Today I got an iPad! I’ve been waiting for it for like a MILLION YEARS!! Well, maybe about a month. It’s awesome.

I just hit the submit button on my application to join the local Rescue Squad. I’ve been having siren withdrawal since the first of the year when I quit the old one because of a job transfer and move.

Good for you.

I transplanted seedlings, went for two long walks with my dog, and spent time online. I’m in between semesters.

I got cookies and milk today at the local bookstore coffee shop. It’s been a stressful week, but that was kind of an awesome moment.

Bought myself some shoes. My friend had some red sneakers, I decided they were fun, and made these mine.

I’m on vacation, so pretty much everything I’m doing is for me. I visited Fort Union National Monument and hiked around the rim of Capulin Volcano–man, what an amazing view!

I managed to do a high figure-4 and inversion in pole dancing tonight. The bruises on my thighs will not be pretty tomorrow but it was very pretty at the time.

I got out for a 6:00 AM run before an all day meeting so I would get some exercise.