Aserrann the Asshole.

I pit my shitty self. I am in a quasi-long distance relationship with a girl I started going out with in High School. I’m now a sophomore in college, and she is living in Maine, so I only see her every other weekend or so. In the past week, I have been a sufficiently bad boyfriend that she she more than seriously considered breaking up with me, and when she asked if I honestly thought I deserved another chance, I couldn’t say yes. For some reason I can’t figure out, she didn’t break up with me… but I’m on rather thin ice.

So. In summary. I would just like to say that I am a thoughtless, spineless, and careless shit for brains fuckwit who deserves to be rubbed with honey and stuffed into an ant hole. While still alive. Without widening the hole.

What did you do?

Well, the biggest one was she called last night to tell me that she was about to break up with me, we exchanged a few words I don’t really remember, she hung up… and I fell asleep.

Hmm. I wonder if she’s pitting herself for continuing to take your “thoughtless, spineless, and careless shit for brains fuckwit” self back once again…

Look, if you don’t remember what words you exchanged, and you fell asleep afterwards, I take it you were either under the influence of something, or just too tired or out-of-it to do the right thing. If you care about this, you should have a real conversation with her about whatever is the matter, in a lucid state, and preferably face to face. I’m not going to presume to know the details of your relationship or what’s best for you to do, but if the incident you’ve described is really the “biggest one,” as you said, then your problems could probably be a lot worse.

Dude, the relationship’s already over, you just don’t know it yet. Don’t feel bad. I’ve yet to see a high school romance that survived the parties involved going to different schools. Even if you went to the same schools, most people change a great deal after high school. Your lack of interest in the course of the relationship is a pretty clear sign. Call her up and say thanks for the memories, but adios. You’ll both be better off.

For what purpose?

If you’ve done something wrong, please make amends. If you think you’ll create future problems based on past actions, please correct the direction.

But making yourself feel bad for its own sake is only likely to lead to more bad decisions.

What positive outcome do you see coming from this?

Aserrann, we generally don’t allow self-Pittings. Feel free to start a new thread asking for advice in MPSIMS or IMHO, if you want.

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