Automated tagging

Over in the Cafe Society rules post, a recent update from @What_Exit reads:

Just FYI, over at we’ve had less-than-stellar experience with automated tagging. The main problem is that the keyword-matching tagger can’t distinguish between something that’s mentioned because it’s topical for the post, vs. something that’s mentioned explicitly because it’s not.

That’ll probably be less of an issue for a social board, so maybe the tagging will work out here. On the Fedora forums, it becomes a problem when, for example, a user describes a graphics problem and says, “This only happens when I’m using X [meaning X11/Xorg], it doesn’t happen on Wayland” …and the post gets tagged only “wayland” because that’s a keyword, and “X” alone can’t possibly be a keyword.

It also has a tendency to pick keywords out of log messages that users post, often completely-unrelated to the topic at hand. Though, again, that’s unlikely to be an issue here.

Still, if users can at least have the ability to remove auto-mistags from their own posts, that would be a win.

So far it is working fine.
I understand the problems and only automated tags that were pretty clear.

Users do actually have the ability to clear incorrect tags and I’m likely to catch it if they don’t.

Oh, good! That’s a relief. :+1:

What led to this and some of the limitations actually came up in an ATMB thread starting here:

Speaking of avoiding problematic terms:

Though “Trump” itself may cause some few issues.

Well, it’s what he does, after all. Carry on.

One “no thinking” autotagging casualty:

Has nothing to do with sports, except for one passing mention of neighbor kids playing driveway hoops.

Tag removed, thanks.

Oh, thanks.

As a matter of procedure, did you want concerned readers to clear obvious mistags ourselves, or just report the thread?

Clearing would be great. But flagging is absolutely fine too.

So far the auto-tagging is working pretty well.

Funny how many of those auto-tags refer to middle-earth and not to LOTR or simply Tolkien. But as a user who has never managed tags well I appreciate the effort. May it live long and prosper! (tag: ST)

User bias, I loaded a lot of auto terms for Middle Earth as they were probable 99% hits and I’m a big old Tolkien fanatic.

Can the autotags be set up to only work in specific Categories / Subforums? Or can the tags themselves be restricted? For example, it would make sense if only threads in the Game Room would be automatically tagged as “sports.”

I agree. The one I pointed out is the very first that has ever caught my eye.

Does it have to be the OP, or can anyone remove a wayward tag ?

The was Discourse works, only the OP and only during the edit window.

And of course any Mod.