Awesome dumbshit conservative bumper sticker


(on the bumper sticker of a Plymouth Voyager, next to a McCain/Palin sticker).

Sometimes newspapers make misprints in their haste, sometimes politicians slip when making spontaneous comments. But it in order to bring me this laugh, it had to be fucked up by an artist, a printer, a retailer, and a consumer, none of whom apparently found anything amiss. Now it’s semi-permanently stuck to the wingnut’s car. It’s so breathtakingly stupid that all I can really do is applaud.

It’s almost like Prohibition never happened, for some people.

As a printer, I can honestly state that mistakes like this slip through the production phase quite often----but then again, it’s not really our job to check for mistakes.

Maybe he just thinks 11 through 27 are made possible some other way. Through the prohibition of forced quartering of soldiers, for example.

Or perhaps he’s a total sandhead. People who would advertise their support of Sarah Palin are at the end of one bell curve or another.

Maybe he only LIKES the first 10.

Or perhaps they’re commandments to the constitution … ?
“thou shalt have the right to bear arms”

I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me several seconds to suss out what was wrong with that statement. :smack:

If I ever happen to see a car with this bumper sticker, I’m going to try to get a picture of the owner’s smiling face next to it, with a big thumbs up as well.

Then I’m gonna post it to failblog.

In fairness if you were a printer somebody paid you to print “CHILD ABUSE: LET’S BEAT IT LIKE A STEPCHILD!” or “OBAMA: GO BACK TO KENYA” bumper stickers you’d probably do it, and with retailers if there was money to be made you’d probably sell it. (No idea how stores select their bumper stickers- anyone know if they pick them from a catalog or just have a selection sent over?)

The other nine which, collectively, make up the rest of what everyone knows as the super-important Bill of Rights.

What’s the big deal?

For one thing, the bumper sticker, as written, implies that there are only ten amendments. I’m not speaking for the OP, of course, but that’s my take.

There is a great deal wrong with the underlying thinking, if “thinking” is not too strong a word; the Second Amendment makes nothing else in the Constitution “possible.” Anyone who thinks an armed citizenry is a bulwark against tyranny however defined is an idiot.

However, there is nothing wrong with it so far as numbers are concerned; it obviously refers only to the original BOR and not to subsequent amendments.

Thou shalt have no other amendments before me?
Or covet the ass of thy neighbor’s amendment?

Moses came down from the mountain with some similarly spelled bit of the constitution, didn’t he?

Meh. Surely there’s some more important issue that you can be a liberal douchebag about, although I suppose that would require understanding things and having independent thoughts, which you are probably incapable of.

As, once again, the pot calls the glass black.

Maybe he’s had the bumper sticker since the 1790’s and he just hasn’t gotten around to replacing it? :confused:

The people who have that bumper sticker probably think the other 9 amendments include Freedom of Speech, Freedom from Fear, The Pledge of Allegiance, Right to one Phone Call, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery, and Dopey. (I’ll grant they could probably get the First Amendment.)

Plymouth Voyager. What a piece of shit. Maybe the sticker was holding something in place.

Well after the first 10, Ohio was not legally a state so . . .

If it were true, wouldn’t it need to be the First amendment? (I see** Squink** covered that with ‘Thou shalt have no other amendments before me’).

I’ll add the ‘In God We Trust’ amendment to Sampiro’s list.