Palin's vigilantes

Sarah Palin is now advising Tea-Partiers to “stop” cars that have Obama bumper stickers. I’m wondering if she’ll be criminally responsible when someone is run off the road and shot.

Actually, she suggests stopping the driver, not the car.

Which could lead to moronic confrontations in parking lots, but doesn’t quite have the ring of Palin-goons running cars off the road.

She’s an idiot, but what else is new?

How does one stop the driver without stopping the car being driven? I guess one could stalk the driver.

But anyway, if we’re going to be allowed to do either to the drivers of cars that carry a slogan with which we do not agree, boy . . . have I got a little list.

For the love of all things decent, can no one get this woman home long enough to arrange a hunting accident?

She really is trying to get people killed, isn’t she?

How’s that hopey-changey thing working out for me?

Pretty damn well, you dumb bitch.

Yes. And don’t forget - we’re the ones who are the problem, for being concerned about it. I’m sure a Republican apologist will be along any minute to tell us how we’re overreacting.

No, see, she’s only advocating stopping Subarus.

I’d say, that hopey, changey thing is working out quite well for me, thanks for asking. Edit to add, Frostillicus beat me to it, and with a great link!

Too bad I don’t have a car. I’m almost pining to get one and plaster it with Obama stickers. Not that I’d have to worry in Chicago. Most of the teabaggers seem to be out in the burbs and downstate.

Sarah honey go tend to your out of wedlock grandson, your poorly raised eldest daughter and your son with Down Syndrome. They need you. We don’t.

Please leave the governing to those of us who are functional adults.

The half of the population that shares a gender with you is sick of watching you make all adult women everywhere look like morons.

Just remember Sarah honey, we got guns too.

The longer we keep her distracted, the better off they probably are.

“Hey, I’ve just been harangued by some random lunatic in the Kroger parking lot. I think I’ll vote Republican next time!” Yeah, I see that working a treat.

Meanwhile, I drive a Subaru, dammit. I’m gonna plaster the thing with an Obama bumper sticker, and a Jesus Fish, and a Nine Inch Nails window decal, and one of those magnetic yellow ribbons, and confuse the hell out of all y’all.

But why should the rest of us have to suffer on their behalf?


We do? I’ll bet they have ten or twenty times the number of guns we have.

Not that I ever thought I’d live long enough to consider that a problem.

You haven’t been to my house.

Please put me up to date with the Great Opportunist act, is she now trying to position herself as a leading figure of the Tea Party?


Lemme guess, you’re new here in Oakwood Estates, ain’tcha?

FTR, the Teabaggers had a national convention last month (or maybe “symposium” is a better term, since they don’t really want to be considered a political party per se), and one of the aspects of it that was controversial even among 'Baggers was that the charge for attending was so steep, presumably to pay for Mrs. Palin’s appearance fee.

Is the Subaru poltically relevent to something? Don’t know a Subaru from a Suburban, so I may need a clue here. I thought it was supposed to be Volvos?

Of interest, Johnathan Raban’s article in *New York Review of Books *on the “tea party” gathering.

Well, thanks for the invite, mighty neighborly of you! What’s for dinner? :slight_smile: