Bachelor Season 17 (Sean)

I apologize if there is already a thread devoted to this; I did search first.

Assuming I’m not the only person who watches this show, I’d like to personally congratulate Nate (Desiree’s brother) for speaking truth to power and completely nailing the show in general and Sean in particular.

Proof positive was how the producers reacted swiftly to try to undermine him (“he had some problems when he was younger…”).

It was a joy to watch perhaps the only sincere performance in the show’s history. (If you’re confused, TVWOP did a fine write up. It’s the Home Visit episode from 2/19).

This show is one of my guilty pleasures. I never enjoy The Bachelorette as much but I never miss an episode of the Bachelor. The relationships may be phony as hell but this show is still damn entertaining.

I actually really liked that Nate wouldn’t back down. He wasn’t even saying anything that crazy, just that he didn’t think Sean was that into Desiree. The “Sean Tells All” special did a lot of work to undermine Nate’s character though. Which I found very amusing, considering how offended Sean was that anyone would question his integrity.

Catherine is my favorite remaining contestant but I don’t really see that one working out. AshLee seems to be the frontrunner in this one.

Did anyone else notice that Sean was legitimately terrified of Lindsay’s dad? Can’t say I blame him but it was nice to see a hometown date where the Bachelor wasn’t overly confident in their ability to charm the parents.

I am ashamed that I watch this stupid, fake show.

I thought the brother was being pretty rude. He made his criticisms more about Sean’s character than about the show. Have you guys seen the tabloid headlines about Sean being a virgin? I can see how it would be pretty annoying to be accused of being a playboy when you’ve never even done the deed. The brother came off to me as a drug addict, so I took the vague statements about his troubled past to be confirmation of my feeling.

I don’t believe that was Desiree’s place. The tip-off was the way she said something about how all the art hung on the walls was hers. I realized she meant that the producers thought hanging her art on the walls would be a way to make it feel like her place. It was too nice for a poor girl and didn’t look lived in.

I thought Desiree was a front runner, but it looks like it’s AshLee now. I think she’s strikingly beautiful, though not the brightest bulb. Lindsay or Lesley or whoever she is is so generic I still couldn’t pick her out of a line-up. And she has an annoying way of talking like a little girl. Catherine is the only one I could imagine interacting with in real life. He said something about her having career goals, which obviously is a negative, so she’s a goner.