Bach's Tocatta & Fugue in D Minor... played on glasses!

Pretty impressive:

Totally awesome!

And for some reason, really funny, too.

I thought it was going to be on eyeglasses.


I’ve seen a different glass harmonica player perform things like this (his set of glasses is too small for this particular one, though I suspect the can perform it given enough glasses). If you like the way it sounds on Youtube, you’d be amazed at how much better it sounds live.


Wonder how long it takes his instrument to go out of tune on a hot day?

Something along the same lines, a bit more lowtech:

Flight of the bumblebee on beerbottles

Really cool, but in the spirit of fighting ignorance, and in order to do some recreational nitpicking, I’ll point out that it probably ain’t by Bach

My cats hated this.

Yeah, a wineglass has a lot of harmonics that don’t survive the audio compression process.

The beerbottle bumblebees isn’t bad (and a clever way to do it), but the most impressive was I once heard someone perform it (at full speed) on a tuba.

The guy from the Canadian Brass used to do that. A real crowd pleaser.