Bad ad

On backing out of a thread, I just got the following pop-up dialog box: DON’T CLICK ON THIS

Are you sure you want to leave this page?
“There is a FREE gift if you stay on this page!”
Stay on Page Leave Page

And it wouldn’t go away or let me do anything until I clicked on it.

Mac OSX 10.8.4, Safari. With ad block running.

Ya know, this morning I was reading a page, I was clicking around kinda fast, I had a few tabs open (nothing ‘bad’ but various things, like the Dope, GB, facebook) and when I backed up from one of them (almost positive it was here) something started talking and I got a “Stay on Page/Leave” Dialog box. I don’t remembered how I dismissed it. I may have closed all the windows looking for a pop under or trying to find an embedded player.
I never did find anything playing.
It should be noted that I’m running AdBlockPlus and I’m a member so ads really shouldn’t be getting through to me.
I also started AdAware when I was leaving for work this morning. It was running for about 45 minutes and hadn’t found anything yet. Normally, if it’s going to find something, it does so in the first few minutes.

I just got that too!

Hmmm … I should have broken the link on that message. I’ll report it.

Please send me your screen capture, and thanks.

I got it too…didn’t think to grab a screen capture. I was just closing a random SDMB tab.
Since members are getting this, it doesn’t appear to be advertisement driven.

Dude, you just admitted in front of all the administrators in of all places, ATMB, that you use ad block. Wow man, that takes guts.

ETA: My main complaint, as far as ads go, is those playing out loud advertisements. Luckily I haven’t gotten them in a while though.

I just got the same ad. Also Safari. And I’m a paid member, so I’m assuming there shouldn’t be any ad serving going on.

I got something similar just a little while ago. I have other windows open and didn’t think it was related to the Board since I’m a paying member too, but now I wonder.

If any of the rest of you see this please report it in this thread.

And, of course, don’t invoke it.

It appeared as a whole separate tab. When I clicked on the tab’s X, that’s when I got the box that asked did I really want to leave the page. I clicked the X in the corner of that box to make it go away rather than the Yes or No buttons, then the X on the tab, which finally made it disappear. I don’t think I activated anything. Hope not.

Who me? Well, there wasn’t an admin here when I ‘admitted’ it. Besides, I’ve advocated using ABP virtually every time people complain about ads (go look at old ATMB threads) on this message board. I’ve never been on another message board with this many (or any) complaints about bad ads and I’ve been on message boards with a lot more ads then this and it’s so easy to get rid of them. Also, as I recall, Tuba said there’s virtually nothing they can do about the ad situation these days anyways so what difference does it make.

Oh, and I’m member anyways, so I don’t get ads. The only ads I would see are on the front page and I never look at the front page, I just go right to the forums, so it’s a moot point anyways.

Oh, okay. No, I was referring to Twoflower.

It’s better not to click anything in these popup boxes, not even the close button in the top right-hand corner. You usually find that any clicking will just initiate some further annoying action. Best advice is to close your browser. If you can’t do it the normal way you can close it by using Task Manager to find the browser process and stop it manually.

What does this mean exactly? And what does it have to do with the situation we’re trying to sort out here? That’s threadshitting.

I’ve read similar comments from you and it’s coming across as you slamming the people that work on this site.

Is anyone else seeing this on the site?

Appears to be some sort of MLM/ponzi/pyramid scam.

Apparently not linked to any advertising or coming in through that way.

What we’re looking for here is what the people who are experiencing this might have in common. So if you would, please give us the following information:

The hardware you’re using, the operating system (name/version), the browser (name/version), what part of the world you’re situated in.

If we can find some similarity we might get a better idea of what’s happening.

Sorry it’s happening to anybody.

I was running Windows (7 I think) and Firefox. That’s about all the info I have until I’m back home.

Here are two examples I ran into from last night. Thisis upon loading the SDMB main page, and thisis after clicking New Posts. I moused over the URL in the virus warning so you can see the full path to the offending script.

I have never, once, ever, encountered any of the ‘bad ads’ so many have talked about over the years - not one time. But whatever this one is, its able to sneak through both Adblock for Chrome and my custom hosts file which has a zillion malware sites blocked at the hosts level.

Windows 7 64 bit. Chrome Version 27.0.1453.116m, Quintana Roo, Mexico

I’m on a Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) laptop. Chrome version 27.0.1453.116.
I’m in South Florida.

My virus detection did NOT trigger - I run McAffeee. (Please don’t shoot me.)
I had a bunch of SDMB tabs open, and one idle (but logged in) yahoo mail tab.
Nothing else going on on the laptop.

I’m on a PC, using Mozilla Firefox 21.0, in Bangkok, Thailand.

It’s only happened the one time.