Banana Oreos

Inspired by the Banana Ice Cream Thread

You know what’s f’n awesome? BANANA SPLIT OREO COOKIES!!!

Man they are good. The filling tastes just like Nickels’s Banana Flip (apparently a Cleveland-area thing) but with the Oreo chocolatey goodness.

It’s like eating a banana from heaven.

Anyway, I came upon these gems not more than a month ago in my local grocery store. The next time I went shopping, they were gone.

According to The Internets, they were a trial product sold in Canada only (er uhm…and Macedonia, Ohio as well, apparently). There’s no mention of them on the Oreo Web site. There is only an old cached reference to them on the Kraft Foods Canada site in their “New Products” section…a reference that has since been removed.

Did anyone try these? It took me a few weeks to get through the bag because they were sickeningly sweet. Now I wish I had saved a couple as proof.

Perhaps I should write a letter to Kraft, asking them to please make more. nom nom nom

Yeah, they showed up at the Indianapolis-area Wal-Marts and Krogers a month or so ago. I invested in a bag, nibbled at a few, then donated the rest to the folks at work, who all sampled one or two, went “…meh…,” and went away.

The flavors weren’t bad, though the overall taste was far more sweet than an Oreo (or even a Doubl-Stuf (sp?) Orep). If they’d simply flavored some Oreo “creme” with banana chemicals, things would have great. The problem for everyone was the texture. In normal Oreos, the cookie wafers are slightly soft, the “creme” is fairly dense and solid. The two textures work well together-- the cookie stays intact in eating, and the combination of textures works well in the mouth-- and enable the twistability of the cookie. However, the banana Oreos are different; the cookie wafers are much more crisp than usual, and the “creme” is more fluid. The cookie halves squish together when you bite into it, and the creme oozes out of the sides. The wafers are crunchy and crispy when chewing, while the “creme” dissolves. Twisting the cookie doesn’t leave an intact disc of “creme” to scrape off and eat, but reveals a limp puddle of banana fluid that has probably folded over on itself.

Perhaps leaving the bag open so that the cookie wafers lose some crispness and the “creme” dries out a bit would improve my experience.

I agree that the filling was oddly creamy. But I wonder if they would lose some of the banana goodness if the filling was the same hard lard + sugar concoction.

Now I am thinking I wish I had put them in the fridge or the freezer…that would have hardened up the middle.

Oh, Oreo…why must you tease me?

I don’t know - I had them, and they twisted off just fine for me! I couldn’t lift off the cream in one glob like with English Tea cookies, though.

I thought they were yummy, my SO hated them. More for me!

I looked for them, but my local stores do not carry them. They had mint Oreos and peanut butter oreos, but no banana ones. :frowning:

I’ve never seen banana oreos. I have, however, seen and purchased the mint & the peanut butter ones.

For the record: Peanut Butter Oreos? Crack? What’s the difference?

There are banana Oreos now? :dubious:

goes to Google

Oh my God, they have Oreos covered in chocolate? Where where where?

America, land of opportunity! And fattening foods! You can even get 'em deep-fried at the fairs here!

The combo seems to make sense. How many years has Dairy Queen been selling chocolate covered bananas on a stick?

No, they were released for the CANADIAN market! They were even in a special Canadian-shaped bag!!

I don’t know how some of us managed to get them in the US, but we’ve had 2 sightings so far…

Unfortunately, they are very much gone :frowning:

My sister was at the Texas State Fair yesterday, and she said her decadent weird fried item of choice was a fried Oreo. She rather liked it, actually. According to her, the cookies & filling sort of melt together in a gooey combination.

That’s not special! Or Canadian-shaped! That’s the way Oreos come, you silly American! :wink:

I like Oreos but I hate the Caramel Oreos, they had out. Those were just bad, and I LOVE Oreos and I LOVE caramel so I don’t know what happened when they put those two together.