Band name

Next year I seek to begin a band. I have been playing guitar for almost a year and have excelled a lot. I am simply asking for a name for a HEAVY METAL/DEATHCORE band name please.


Are you serious?..No

Oui Suk
Crack Smoking Kiddie Pornographers
Puppy Kickers
Ne’er Do Wells
Leche de El Diablo
Sarah McLachlin’s Starving Cat

Are any of those metal enough? I have more.

Brass Magnet

The Heavy Metal Deathcore Chamber Orchestra and Chorale.

Osmium (or has that been done?)

Thallium (more deathy.)

Tungsten Iridium

Wyld Stallyns. They too, were most excellent.

Urban lunchmeat.

Gravis Metalli.

Those are pretty cool. I might consider them and a few others that people have given.

That is pretty creative. Elements.

Süperflüöüs Umülats

Tärd Cörps

Dick Disturbance

Penis Problem


kind of like Pussy Riot, you see…

In the bands I have been in/formed/started the name comes close to last.
First you find the members
then you pick/write the songs
then you learn to play them as a band
then you gig.

If between steps 1-3 no one suggests a name (usually a friend/GF) then you have to break out a few beers after practice one day as you close in on being gig ready and have a big BS/brainstorming session.

Almost everyone of my bands (good/bad or ugly) had a memorable story about how the band name came about.

For example:

I was in a band working step 3 (practicing as a band) and one of the members girlfriends/drunk bar hag made the comment…“You guys are some bangin daddies”

It was just a stupid drunk comment, the bangin part was we were head bangers…the daddies part was kind of a “hey daddy-o” beatnik kinda comment.

The drummer booked us a gig (surprise) and we didn’t have a name so he called us…
You guessed it “THE BANGIN DADDIES”:smack:

After the gig when people came over to talk to us (as we were packin up) we asked what they thought of the name.
There were 2 trains of though…based on the name alone, before we even went on, half though it was a pedophile joke :mad:

the other half though we were gay for each other and had kids :mad::confused::smack:

Thanks Vagabond. I guess that would be the way to go. I was just thinking of the name lately and next to nothing came to my mind


Name the band after a famous diaster. Plenty to pick from, and it fits right in to the musical genre.

You mean like Miley Cyrus?