Baseball Posteseason 2003

I thought it might be a good idea to roll all the baseball threads into one generic thread, that we can keep going until the end of the World Series. To keep this out of the Pit, let’s try to keep the death threats against The Guy in Left Field to a minimum. :slight_smile:

I’ll start: the Giants are my team, followed by Any Team that’s playing the Yankees. I’d like to see Cubs - Red Sox in the Series, although I really, really dislike Sammy Sosa.

Cubs certainly seem to have the cloud of doom over their heads. Physically, they should win today, with Wood pitching. Mentally – we’ll see.

Red Sox had momentum on their side yesterday, with Lowe pitching in his favorite park and Wells in his least-favorite. That the Yanks pulled it out should mean they close it out today.

And I don’t like Fox. I hate that they can’t put up a simple stats graphic without zap-whoosh sound effects. If they do what they did last year – stock the stands with the casts of their shows – I’m gonna puke. “oh look, there’s the cast of Ally McBeal, enjoying the game”…gimme a break. Give those tickets to actual baseball fans.

Tim McCarver now gets my vote for world’s biggest prick. He is so pro-Yankee it’s ridiculous. Take yesterday: Mariano Rivera’s confident walk from the bullpen was apparently the greatest thing he’s ever seen. If McCarver could get his face out of the Yankees’ asses for one minute, he’d stop making factual mistakes; he’s gotten players’ names wrong dozens of times (as they bat, run the bases, etc., he’s likely to call Damon “Nixon” or Varitek “Millar”) during the series.

Here’s hoping Burkett can pull a big game out of his rear today and force a Game 7.

Guaranteed that anytime McCarver starts talking about rule interpretations, he’s wrong. I participate in some umpire discussion groups, and he’s pretty much 0-for-the season on getting the rules right.