Bathrobes (Need Answer Fast!)

Well, how exactly do you use one? I guess when to use one would be a good thing to know as well.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually met someone who has used one and while it seemed like a good idea at the time of purchase, I can’t figure out when to wear it.

Well for me.

I get out the shower, put on bathrobe. Go to kitchen pour myself an orange and grapefruit then go and stand on the balcony drinking the same while watching the crazy morning rush hour traffic in Manila from the 31st floor of my building.

Alternately, out of bed, go for pee and put on bathrobe while am just wandering around trying to psyche myself up to get a shower.

A girlfriend bought me one of those silk embroidered Japanese robes once and while it did look smart… it wasn’t really me.

My immediate family used bathrobes when I was growing up, and my parents still do. I own one, but rarely use it for its intended purpose.

You’re supposed to throw on a bathrobe when you get up in the middle of the night to pee and/or eat that last slice of pie in the fridge. Because your pajamas are practically UNDERWEAR, and it would just be too embarrassing to be seen in your PJs, even by your parents/children. For kids’ sleepovers, bathrobes are essential. Bathrobes are also handy if your house is chilly, and your PJs are warm enough while you’re under the covers, but too cold when you wander around the house. I usually use my bathrobe for this. I also use it for when I’m not sleeping at home, because I customarily sleep in just my panties, and most people just would rather that I cover up if I need to make that potty run. Usually I use it if I need to stay in the hospital, because I really don’t think those gowns do a good job of covering me up. While I don’t care if complete strangers see me in my skivvies, most of those strangers would prefer to be spared that sight.

A bathrobe is also a good idea for when the house catches on fire in the middle of the night…you’re dressed enough that you won’t be cited for public lewdness, but they’re very easy to grab and toss on when you’re in a hurry.

Wear it in the morning before you get dressed. It’s great for coffee and newspaper time. Also good for after you get out of the shower/bath. Wear it at night before bed, e.g., for watching TV or surfing the Dope. How to wear it (is this a serious question?) - over your pjs, or with no pjs if you like.

I use mine:

  1. whenever I need to be covered up but don’t want to put on clothes for whatever reason (e.g. haven’t showered yet, have just showered and am still damp);
  2. for extra warmth and comfort when cold and/or sick.

It’s good if you like a few minutes between taking a shower and getting dressed.

It can also act as a housecoat, keeping you warm inside more comfortably than outerwear.

Mine doubles as a regular robe, it’s real thick and warm but also surprisingly light. So I use it both on top of my clothes when I’m cold, and as my only clothes when I come out of the shower. The “out of the shower” ritual is: use a big towel to dry up somewhat, then brush and put my hair in a towel, then towel up some more and change into the robe. Go to my room, get dressed after a few minutes.

We used to have one and a half bathrooms for a family of five; then through most of college it was a three-showers, four-stalls bathroom for 17 girls. No loitering in the bathroom!

I live in a shared house and I wear mine to and from the bathroom when I go to shower - undress in my room, put on bathrobe, shower, put on bathrobe again, and go back to my room to dress again. It’s more convenient than carrying clothes through the hall, and the risk of dropping your underwear or something for your housemates to come across is eliminated. I also did this when I was living in a dorm.

As others have said, once I’m in my pajamas I usually wear it over top of them for extra warmth, because our landlady apparently believes 50 degrees is a perfectly acceptable indoor temperature.

I sleep in the nude so the bathrobe is anytime I am out of bed but don’t feel like putting clothes on. Usually from the bed to the shower & back but for longer if I don’t have to be anywhere that morning.

I love my robe! My favorite lounging around the house outfit is sweatpants, a tshirt, thick socks and my robe. As a matter of fact I am attired just so as I post. It is also great to put on in the time between getting out of the shower and getting dressed as others have said. My big soft terrycloth robe is just about my favorite piece of clothing.

We keep the thermostat low and a robe is just right over pjs to stay warm before bed here in New England winter.

I rarely get dressed first thing, so I wear a robe during my morning routine – a light robe over nothing in the summer, and a warm fleece robe over a nightgown in the winter. Also, I’ll often take a shower a couple of hours before I go to bed to give my hair a chance to dry, and I’ll wear a robe then, instead of getting dressed again.

Mine is a long heavy terry cloth robe that I sometimes use in the morning and after showers. Not a fan of most fleece robes, fuzz collectors imo, but it’s worth spending a little extra for a fine robe. They do need washing at least once a month, unless you really hang out in the robe for hours on the weekends.

Winter time travels, I leave the robe at home and sleep/wake up in yoga/sweats wear

What I lack is a nice summer time robe/wrap/ big shirt…

I have a silky bathrobe that I find rather impractical as it constantly unties and falls open. My mom usually wears up those zip-up robes in the winter and a snap up robe in the warmer months.

While those seem much more practical to me - I just avoid them because I feel like I would look older than I care to.

I love the terry bathrobes I see girls wear on tv - I just don’t have the figure they do to pull one off.

I’m wearing a robe right now. I’m wearing it because when I got out of bed, it was cold, and I couldn’t be bothered with pants.

I actually have two.

How did this happen you ask? Well, I never wore a robe growing up, and when the SO’s mom gave me one I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. I now use it getting out of the shower. I only wear it for less than five minutes but in the winter it’s really nice even for those few minutes. This one is red and while it’s soft, it’s not fluffy.

I have another robe which is uber-fluffy and which does not go near the shower. We keep our heat kind of low, 66 is the norm, so the rest of this time I wear this lovely robe and it’s so warm!

My SO wears one for a lot longer - he gets out of the shower, puts it on, and keeps it on for the next 40 minutes or so while he gets ready for work. I get dressed right away, he gets dressed as a last thing.

i usually wear it on the weekends. I get up (not waring pijama’s) put on the bathrobe and may spend up to a couple of hours in it while watching tv/reading a paper/having breakfast/having more coffee, until I have a reason to shower and dress…

I just bought it a couple of months ago (after going through life bathrobeless for more than 5 years), truly one of my best purchases ever :slight_smile:

We live out in the country, with no nearby neighbors. Our robes are for days when stepping outside nekid is too chilly.

I think they look pretty, cozy, comfy - but the kind that you have to tie closed with a belt are awkward and not so warm as the zip-up kind. But the zip-up kind are garments your mom or grandma like to wear! I looked at some pretty fluffy ones in Macy’s and was SHOCKED at how expensive they were - if I was to buy one, it would be after Christmas when it was on sale! But I’m not a slippers and robe type to begin with, and I don’t like flannel pajamas much either. I feel there is something nursing-homish, or home-sick-from-school-ish about them. I wear flannel pajama bottoms and coordinating T-shirts or sweatshirts, depending on how hot it is in the house.

I read not too long ago on this board a post from a guy who bought a cheapie bathrobe from Target and he was so thrilled to death with how comfortable it was that he couldn’t wait to get back from a trip so he could relax in his new bathrobe. I thought that was possibly the cutest post I ever read on SD!

I use mine whenever I get out of the shower. I put on socks and undies, then the bathrobe over top. It’s comfy and easy to slip on and I generally wear it 'til I’m ready to put on proper clothes so I don’t run the risk of inadvertently get the proper clothes dirty.