Bathroom mishap. Do not read.

Toilet paper. Too…thin…
Finger. Too sharp…
:eek: AAGGHHH!!!


Ooh, Stinkpalm!!!

Maybe you should trim your fingernails?


I tried SOOO hard to resist commenting on your name…

So you’re typing this before washing your hands?

Yes, they really should make toilet paper out of something hard. Like wood, for example.

I am currently working on Brick toiletpaper here at the ParticleLab. Can’t seem to find any willing test subjects. Any takers? Can’t pay, but you’d be getting the satisfaction of helping advance science.



I’m so lost. Your toilet paper was too thin? So why not double-layer it? Your finger was the first alternative you could think of?

its actually serious matter, it cuz those supermarkets show cost-per-sheet of toilet paper, people tend to buy ones with more sheets per roll. and that means thinner sheets, really, very simple.

so, after all, one needs brains to even buy toilet paper, and then wipe his/hers ass.

His/her too-sharp finger poked through the too-thin paper during the, um, “operation”.

Can you say Bidet?

[Shift] - it is the button right below [Caps Lock] and above [Ctrl] try it out. Please.

::looks around::

Where’s lieu? A bathroom thread with no lieu?

I’m leaving.

::sulks & leaves::

For the purposes of science, did your finger make a “popping” sound when you pulled it out?

And why do you want it to be soapy down there? You might have buried your digits all the way to you elbow and that’s just not a good thing.

Man, I hate it when that happens.

'Specially when you get a whole bunch on your finger, and hafta wash, instead of just wiping it off on the roll…

“Do not read” on a bathroom thread.

Not on your fucking life.


Bathroom+mishap=me reading the thread

No way I’m wasting my 1000th post on this shit…

Your OP almost reads like a haiku. In fact, with some modification…

Toilet paper’s thin.
My finger, it is too sharp.

So, Stinkpalm’s finger stinks?

Yeah, I mean, whodathunkit?